A Sneak Peek At Syfy Kids


First Look: Fantastic worlds. Colorful characters. No Boundaries. Here’s an elusive first glimpse at Syfy Kids.

Syfy Kids

Take a look at the first ident from a very funky & creative campaign sent from our friends at Syfy in New York. Syfy credits to Design Director Brian Everett, Director of Production Kate Leonard, VP/Creative Director James Spence, and SVP Creative & Strategy Michael Engleman. Design, direction & animation by ManvsMachine, sound design by Echolab.



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3 responses to “A Sneak Peek At Syfy Kids

  1. Melissa

    Clever, crafty, and brilliant. Syfy’s approach to storytelling idents is nailing it! I’m getting the sense the best is yet to come.

  2. J K

    Heard a bit about Syfy Kids- great to see the identity come together. Love the blog by the way! Great source for actual TV branding output. Keep it up!

  3. Martin

    I’m digging the clean look + personality that these idents bring to life. Kudos to Echolab for the sound design. Rockin’.

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