Cooking Channel’s Celebrates First Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate friends, family, and well- food. And as some of you know, I’m a huge foodie. So much so that I keep up to date on everything to do with food, and in particular, food on TV.  Heck, my dream wedding cake by Nigella? Oh yeah.

Love you too Nigella!

Back on blog topic… Food Network sibling Cooking Channel has seen strong growth in audience share since launching a few months ago. With a reach of over 58 million US households, the Scripps Networks Interactive channel features top stars including Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray, and Bobby Flay and reminds us through their tagline to simply “Stay Hungry”.

Cooking Channel’s on-air package took a concise and approachable design language to communicate the brand’s message to the food enthusiast audience. The result is an uncomplicated, bold network design that features emphasizing some simple key ingredients, namely logo, font, color, and animation.

The on-air package was led by Cooking Channel VP Creative Services (now SVP Creative & Brand Strategy at Travel Channel) Patalia Tate, Design Director Joanne Harmon, and On-Air Manager Michele Avery, with design and creative development by NY-based Trollback + Company.


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