Is this the New NBC Universal Logo?


*Update 1: LA Times Talks Peacock Demotion

*Update 2: New corporate tagline: “Let’s make history. Again.”

New NBC Universal CEO Steve Burke plans to officially unveil a newly redesigned (refreshed?) NBCU logo at the town hall company staff meeting later today (Thursday 27 January). An email to staffers and select other outlets reads:

“You are invited to be a part of history!  To celebrate the formation of the new NBC Universal, we invite you to join our new CEO Steve Burke for a global all-employee broadcast on January 27, moderated by Brian Williams.”

It is still early morning in London and the official reveal is still half a day away. As faithful ABM readers, thought I’d share a couple snapshots that have been forwarded to me. The biggest question: is this the final approved logo and will we be indeed losing our beloved NBC peacock?



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3 responses to “Is this the New NBC Universal Logo?

  1. riley

    No, not at all! Thank god! This is strictly a corporate inward mark. Not to be seen by the general public. Even today Steve Burke (ceo) commented on the fact that the Peacock is one of the worlds most recognizable logos. The real question should be why wasn’t this historic merger met with a better design? A huge opportunity was missed here. I don’t think the design company charged with this task fully understood the opportunity nor the history of what could have been achieved. By and large the vast majority of employees and management are very disappointed in this corporate mark. Good thing it will never see air.

  2. Martin

    A corporate brand mark is still significantly important, whether or not it is seen on-air. So it is indeed the new NBC Universal logo. I agree with Riley that this was a big missed opportunity.

  3. Dan

    Wolff Olins created it, the same agency that created the aweful London 2012 Olympics logo. Why do chaps keep hiring them? They take historic brands and ruin them.

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