MTV Europe Unveils Fantastical Rebrand for Music & Entertainment Channel VIVA


I’d take a guess that a good handful of people likely haven’t heard of VIVA outside of Europe. If initial buzz is any indication, that will likely change. VIVA, the European music and general entertainment channel (part of MTV Networks Europe) has finally publicly unveiled the network’s 2011 rebrand. I’ve been wanting to share this one with you for weeks

VIVA 2011 Rebrand

The comprehensive identity (which includes some fresh approaches to OSP) was handled by a collective of creative agencies from around the world, producing a singular brand narrative helmed by Berlin-based MTV Creative Director Dinko Lacic.

VIVA 2011 Rebrand

A bit of history, VIVA’s concept originated way back in 1992, when the major record labels were frustrated by MTV Europe’s decision to program in English to the German markets. Tom McGrath (then President of Time Warner International Broadcasting, later COO Viacom Entertainment Group) assembled a group of record labels, carriage licenses were put in place, and the channel formally launched soon after in Dec 1993.

Fast forward to today, VIVA continues to grow an impressive viewer base, and includes programming integration from sister channels Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV. Special thanks to MTV Europe Creative Director Dinko Lacic. Click keep reading for the VIVA launch commercial as well as a roster of agencies that contributed to the rebrand.

Here’s the introduction to the new VIVA image via :45 image commercial for agency MTV Networks Germany GMBH led on the marketing side by VP Channel Brand Management MTV, Imke Deigner and Head of Marketing Vivien Hucke.


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