Behind The Scenes Look at Channel 5’s New Idents


After the ambitious plans of Richard Desmond’s company, Northern Shell, to acquire Five were made public, the level of interest in Five (now Channel 5) has exploded from around the globe. The channel, which originally launched in 1997, is the fifth and final national UK terrestrial channel. The channel rebranded itself as Five from 2002 to 2010,  and has recently unveiled some of its ambitious portfolio rebrand which includes Five to Channel 5, Fiver to 5*, and Five USA to 5USA (are you still following?).

Don’t worry, I’ll be here to explain all of this all along the way. First up, Channel 5 has kindly provided a peek behind the scenes of the making of the new Channel 5 idents, concept codename “Stage 5”. The brand assignment was led by Creative Director Rich Thrift, Art Director Geoff Parsons, and production company Earth.

There are certainly some ambitious plans laid out for Channel 5, both in terms of brand scope and maximizing dollars spent. This is just the first of a series of follow-up feature articles planned for the network. I’d like to take a moment and thank a number of colleagues (both current and previous at the channel) for their ongoing support of ABM. First, big thanks to Kate and Rich for providing the behind the scenes glimpse. Special thanks to Nol, Russell, and Sarah for their collaboration through the years for all things Five.

Check back in a few days to see the finished Channel 5 idents and an update on the rest of the portfolio. Better yet, if you haven’t already done so, just follow us on Twitter , Facebook , or click here to subscribe by email when new TV branding stories hit.


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6 responses to “Behind The Scenes Look at Channel 5’s New Idents

  1. Emily

    Let’s hope these idents have some longevity. This is the third rebrand in three years! Looking forward to seeing the final product (although I’m sad to see the lovely Dixon Baxi logo bow out so soon).

    Excellent article though, and very informative too! Thank you to all involved for sharing.

  2. Love the blog, and very much enjoyed the behind the scenes. Obviously there are big challenges behind the rebrand, but this glimpse really does illuminate a lot of the thinking behind the output. Looking forward to seeing the final spots-

  3. Chris Jenkins

    Thoroughly nice rebrand – however, the similarities between the new idents and a certain Foo Fighters music video have been pointed out on another forum, and the two are remarkably similar. Scarily so. Any explanation?

  4. Foo Fighters, ThePretender. Influenced much? Hmmmm…

  5. CAR

    The Foo’s award winning promo has over 4m hits on YouTube. So they steal the idea and pass it off as their own original piece of work. Doesn’t anyone in the process say ‘Hang on, do you think it’s ok that we’re blatantly ripping off and re-creating this very well know piece of work here without asking or crediting the people who’s idea it actually was’?

  6. Paul davies

    Was it just made in the same studio as the foo fighters?

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