UK’s Channel 5 Further Unveils Rebrand, New Idents


So after receiving a few dozen (friendly) reminder emails from eager readers, I have in my digital hands, 4 of the final 5 new spots produced in the first phase of the channel reposition directly from the good folks at Channel 5. Rest assured more idents will be revealed from the new commissioning strategy over the course of the next few months.

Newest Channel 5 Ident "VIP", 1 of 5

As explained in ABM’s earlier ‘Behind The Scenes’ article, the logo screen is described as “the energy and inspiration for all activity” and its usage will be evolved in the coming months.

Channel 5 explains, “The idea was specifically designed to allow us to add new idents very easily, making our channel always look and feel fresh and at the heart of things – the way we’ve shot it allows us to flex to different shows and tones when suitable.”

Click keep reading for new Channel 5 idents “Boxes”, “Drummer”, and “Imagination”

The idents were directed by Channel 5 Creative Director Rich Thrift, Art Director Geoff Parsons, with production by Earth. “Boxes” (the generic ident) was designed by Timothy Evans (designer/director/animator) Ascent Media (soon to be Encompass).

The 5th ident “Car Chase” will be unveiled soon. Again, very special thanks to Rich & Kate at Channel 5 for giving ABM access to all this breaking new work.


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