Newest Chiller Idents “Painfully Good”


It goes without saying that Chiller’s most recent rebrand has raised eyebrows domestically in the US, and created a surge of buzz internationally. The NBC Universal owned channel (while niche) has quietly picked up audience share- fueled by an incredibly devoted (ad demo desired) fanbase.

Chiller 2011 Rebrand & Idents

Here’s a look at Chiller’s latest 3 idents (designed by Amsterdam-based Onesize, HD versions available), aptly named “Coaster”, “Lightbulb”, and “Urban”. A super thanks to the NBC Universal/Chiller team, specifically Creative Director Shea Pepper, and Production Manager Bill Ikin for being so good to me.



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3 responses to “Newest Chiller Idents “Painfully Good”

  1. These don’t feel as creepy as the first ones, but those were hard to top.

    Did ManvsMachine work on these as well?

  2. carloslokko

    hmm not liking this set. coaster is like two spots into one. the coaster has a look and the logo resolution has a completely different render quality. Did they use the ending from the older ident’s and did a Frankenstein just to keep it within genre?

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