First Look: Eurosport Evolves Iconic Brand With New Identity


On Tuesday April 5, Eurosport will officially launch its much talked about new look across all of its media platforms, including a refresh of its iconic logo. The new brand identity will span operations in Europe, the MENA, and Asia-Pacific. I’ve got a little exclusive preview of the campaign for those of you who just can’t wait.

Eurosport 2011 Rebrand

A bit of background, since launching in 1989, Eurosport has grown from a single TV channel to the leading European multimedia platform (91% awareness in Europe). The brand review (the biggest in the group’s history) represents a major step-change for Eurosport, and is designed to create an improved and visually engaging environment to showcase Eurosport’s brand values of emotion, live action and diversity of sports.

Eurosport 2011 Rebrand

The launch marks the end of a comprehensive, 18 month brand review culminating with new on-air graphics, a new musical identity and a “soft” evolution of its iconic logo. The new brand identity and graphics revamp will be deployed on-air, online and mobile and in every Eurosport office around the world from Tuesday 5th April, as well as for the group’s advertising, marketing and corporate communications.

Eurosport 2011 Rebrand

The new on-air rebrand (including idents, OSP, and other commercial elements) was developed by Paris-based Broadcast production agency Les Télécréateurs, with audio branding specifically designed to “enhance the moods associated when watching sport” handled by Amsterdam agency Massive Music.

Eurosport 2011 Rebrand

Eurosport Group Chairman & CEO Laurent-Eric Le Lay explains, “We believed the time was right to modernise and energise our brand to reflect our position as the leading provider of live sports in Europe, as well as our continued expansion as an international media group.”

Eurosport 2011

I’ll be showcasing the 6 full idents in the coming week, but I can share with you that the new channel idents draw inspiration from six identified emotions felt by fans: Joy, Anger, Empathy, Encouragement, Surprise and Anguish, and incorporate 18 different sports disciplines.

Behind the Scenes- Eurosport 2011 Idents

Special thanks to Eurosport Group for letting me preview the rebrand before the official launch next week.


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One response to “First Look: Eurosport Evolves Iconic Brand With New Identity

  1. Melissa

    Best thing I’ve seen thus far in 2011. Really looking forward to seeing the full launch package.

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