Italian Channel La7 Launches New Identity


Telecom Italia’s flagship channel La7 (considered the 3rd major network in Italy) has just unveiled its new on-air identity, evolving its “Classic Eccentric” positioning with an architectural new look. Taking a confident, curious, and unconventional approach, the identity is framed in a live, physical venue for La7.

The quirky, specially composed music is a 7-note melody which aim is to capture the sound of the “Classic Eccentric” positioning. The rebrand was designed by Red Bee Media, following a competitive 6 way pitch.



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2 responses to “Italian Channel La7 Launches New Identity

  1. Another ‘sculpture’? It doesn’t leave me with much more than the old ITV1 idents featuring celebrities being orbited in slow motion. It may be just my personal sensibility, but as a viewer I would feel slightly patronised by these oddly-staged ‘audience segments’ or whatever they are.

    • Melissa

      I don’t entirely agree with the ‘patronised sentiment’, but I can see where you are coming from. I like the architectural component- though somewhat staged, only those on the project know the true underpinnings of the brief.

      There are certainly some interesting (and good) angles here, though doesn’t hit the Red Bee standard.

      Nice to see work out of Italy nonetheless.

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