Star Launches Fantastical New Campaign for Key HD Channels


News Corp’s Star TV India has just launched HD versions of key channels and with it- a series of new HD idents showcasing Star Plus, Star Movies, Star Gold, and Star World. As a TV network reaching more than 400 million people per week in India alone, the new brand campaign aims to bring to life the individual character of each channel, all the while highlighting the HD experience.

The fantastical spots, led and developed by agency DixonBaxi with visual effects by Paris-based View, focus on finding a balance between deep traditions and modern innovation.

For example, the character and personality of StarPlus is feminine, traditional on the inside, but with a modern twist on the exterior. Star Gold is Bollywood, but building on classic themes, while shining a light on contemporary interest of “new Bollywood”.

“With Star’s massively popular entertainment channels turning HD, a high definition revolution is set to kick start in India. This is just a glimpse of a slew of exciting initiatives, we will roll out in coming months,” said Star India CEO Uday Shankar.



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4 responses to “Star Launches Fantastical New Campaign for Key HD Channels

  1. I can see the hard work of the crew and post-production team who had to recreate all those stereotyped scenes and lavish-looking localized versions that reminds me more of trinitron than HD. I hope they were cheap and fun to make

    • Martin

      For the record- I’m not connected to the agency involved nor the broadcaster, but I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or just blunt. One of the reasons I visit this site is to get a sense of cultural aesthetic from around the world, what you may see as stereotyped, another could recognize as proud.

      I guess I’m really responding to your use of the word cheap, which is a bit off-mark.

    • Zizou

      Well put Martin!

      And maybe some of those scenes are more iconic but your perspective allows you to see it as stereotypes!

  2. Richard

    Technically well done, asthetically not a good piece of branding. I dont take away a memorable brand stamp.
    Look at it again next spring and see how it feels?!

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