Brazilian TV Channel GNT Unveils Rebrand, New Slogan: “With You.”


As promised, we go from Australia- back to South America, where multi-channel player Globosat has recently revealed a new look for its female leaning channel GNT. For those of you unfamiliar with Rio De Janeiro-based Globosat: it has 29 channels and it leads the Brazilian pay-TV market with an estimated audience comprised of 16.5 million viewers distributed among more than 4.8 million households in the country.

GNT, which launched originally in 1991, has recently adopted a new programming strategy, a result of a comprehensive research survey of the target demo covering interest areas including “interior design, motherhood, and relationships”.

With net positive numbers year on year, the channel faced a heap of a challenge: improve on the previous “clean and elegant” rebrand from 2008 with a new identity targeting the “new, modern Brazilian woman”.

The GNT Team (behind the scenes)

GNT 2011 Rebrand Idea Board

The brief (and I’m translating roughly here): “The rebrand needs consider the new modern woman’s attitude and her concerns about relationships, motherhood, career, fashion and a healthy lifestyle.”

The design elements and initial branding concepts were a result of a comprehensive design review and visual research, including a number of television & media branding specific blogs (/cough). The elements were based roughly on 5 personas built from results from the research survey, fused with new profiles provided by programming and strategy executives at the network.

In addition to a comprehensive on-air redesign, the GNT logo was refreshed to fit more effectively with new integrated multi-platform campaigns being planned by the channel.  A very special thanks to the team at Globosat/GNT for engaging me, and an extra thanks to GNT’s Ricardo Moyano for dealing with my hectic schedule.



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2 responses to “Brazilian TV Channel GNT Unveils Rebrand, New Slogan: “With You.”

  1. Kent

    Really like this, pretty fresh. To be honest, I thought I knew what I’d be seeing, but am pleased that the package came together as well as it did. Also very nice to see work from South America, far too much publicity for the US & UK channels.

  2. andrelsens

    Nice to see Brazilian projects on here!
    If you wanna more information about this projects, you can check out an interview (in Portuguese) with Moyano and Globosat Visual Department about this amazing project:

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