Discovery Channel (UK) Reveals Impressive Body of New Brand Work


Quite overdue and much anticipated update from over friends over at Discovery Channel UK. Working with DixonBaxi and Double G Studios, and in-house Discovery UK Creative; VP & Executive Creative Director, Discovery Networks Europe, Federico Gaggio & teams have produced a stunning collection of new creative work for the channel.

Discovery Channel (UK) 2011 Refresh

Though the brand had a high degree of recognition globally, Discovery UK wanted to ensure that the channel’s unique content remained prominently featured. Another component of the original brief was to “articulate the brand more strongly”, further placing an emphasis on “intelligent entertainment”. Idents were placed in the show intros ensuring a strong visual brand queue and helping to mitigate PVR forwarding.

It should be noted (and commended) that as a UK channel, attention was paid to accentuate faces on the channel that were actually British (see: Bear Grylls). The production time on the refresh was approximately 5 months including an initial review that had 3 outside agencies pitch alongside in-house agency Discovery UK Creative. Special thanks to Federico for all his help.

*If you missed Discovery Channel’s (US) latest bit of brand work, you can find that feature here.



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2 responses to “Discovery Channel (UK) Reveals Impressive Body of New Brand Work

  1. Rich Thrift

    The font-style and especially the movement of the endboard text looks incredibly familiar… I conceded that rounded fonts are all the rage but the endboard animation is EXACTLY the same as Channel 5’s. For your tribute to our February re-brand i thank you Fedde

  2. luis felipe

    me gusto esa presentacion y los efectos y la presentacion con bear gryll enel robot fue algo impresionante veo que discovery nunca se queda atras

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