History Rebrands International Channel to H2- “More 2 History”


History, the US cable network, has had a phenomenal year. Buoyed by breakout hit Pawn Stars, History has jumped from no. 8 to 5, joining heavyweights USA, the Disney Channel, TNT, ESPN atop the final ratings of 2011 in America.

H2 Brand Launch

Originally a child of A&E, History was known for gray WWII specials and historical docs; Ice Road Truckers changed all that- it sent a flare to viewers and producers that the network was changing into something new and entertaining. History rebranded and adopted the strapline “History Made Everyday”.

History International Channel offered a clear opportunity to do something better and more. The channel wanted to create a home for their core audience and vast library of programming the network was built upon. The new positioning of the network (led by New York creative agency Joyride Creative) centered on the idea that the channel becomes a more interactive platform that provides context and insight to the world at large. It’s History with more – H2.

H2 Brand Launch

The proposition “More 2 History” was championed to express the heart of the channel, and was used to fuel the development of the concept “megapixel” which featured an all powerful cursor. Inspired by the angles in the logo lockup, viewers would see an invisible cube waiting to take form in the rest of the package.

H2 Brand Launch

It was given life by using a recurring theme of square cursors. The cursor, a simple red square, takes on a multitude of forms throughout the OSP, including operating as a pointer in all of the navigational elements. It becomes dimensional and functions as a magnification glass at points and is used as a key brand mnemonic for IDs and on-air bugs. It literally shows you “More” by taking the viewer up close and personal.

Enjoy the package.


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