NBC “Brotherhood of Man” vs BBC One “Consider Yourself”


Two countries, two big events, distinct audiences and two very different approaches to promoting the flagship brands through talent-led image spots. America’s peacock network recently revealed a 4-minute long promo during the NBC Super Bowl pre-game show, teased by a sweet little vignette featuring the cast of 30 Rock, leading into a montage of over 100 faces from across the network. Across the pond, BBC One asks you to consider yourself one of us, with Graham Norton at the piano and everyone from Doctor Who to Brucey chiming in during Christmas.

Both channels know the strength of the much loved and familiar faces that grace their screens, but how they approach packaging the spots is an interesting distinction.

Would like to know what you think- share your comments below. Which spot is more effective and why? Which do you like more?



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4 responses to “NBC “Brotherhood of Man” vs BBC One “Consider Yourself”

  1. Mark

    I prefer the NBC spot. While I can appreciate the intimacy and warmth the BBC spot was aiming for, I think the Superbowl promo feels big and premium. I do prefer the logo resolve on “Consider Yourself”.

  2. Kim

    Sorry but Consider Yourself rocks. I think more Yank votes are coming in now, but watchout, UK will bring this home Sunday!

  3. I presonly would have to go with BBC one for the fact that I enjoy their shows more then american TV.

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