France 4’s 2012 Rebrand (Part I)


Here’s your first look at public service broadcaster France 4’s comprehensive on & off-air rebrand. The challenge? France 4’s messaging to it’s core target group of 15-34 lacked clarity and distinction within France Television Group (FTV). While programming was largely entertainment based, the identity didn’t reflect the heartbeat of the channel.

The objective?

1) Assert France 4’s iconoclast dimension within the FTV group.
2) Create a clear, impactful, and eminent new personality for the channel

Special thanks to my friends at France 4 and Paris-based agency Les Télécréateurs who led the design and creative. Part II which includes idents, bumpers, and a 5 minute video case study of the brand solution comes next week. You can always follow me on @dennytu for the latest. Enjoy.


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