New Worlds Come Alive for Animal Planet 2012 Rebrand


Following yesterday’s highlight on National Geographic Channel, we go full circle and share some breaking brand work from Discovery Networks Western Europe/Discovery Channel with Animal Planet’s (UK) 2012 refresh. Celebrating the launch of the new HD simulcast for Animal Planet, the creative strategy behind the on-air refresh was “intended to give the brand a more confident and distinctive tone of voice, resonating with its audience, and linking the brand with it’s content”.

Four unique worlds were crafted in which the inhabitants could interact with their surroundings. Animals are the stars of the show, expressing their natural personality in their respective, stylised environment. The logo is integrated in the environment where the animal action takes place.The look and feel were inspired by origami and paper craft. The refresh was led by the team at Discovery UK Creative in conjunction with London-based Double G Studios.

“Animal planet is all about Animals, wild and domestic,” explains Federico Gaggio, VP, Executive Creative Director, Discovery Networks UK & Western Europe. “The channel’s primary audience are adults, in particular adult women, who have a passion for animals. At times they watch with their kids or as a family. To reconnect them with our programmes we created small worlds (Animal Planets), where iconic animals display their natural charm and quirky behaviour, which makes them endearing to us.”


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