Drama- the TNT USA Rebrand (2012)


Good Sunday morning from a very rainy London. About 2 weeks ago, the world was lit up by Turner Benelux’s clever introduction of the TNT brand into Belgium (30 million YouTube hits and counting). All of a sudden, the Twittersphere lit up and we were reminded of the magnetism of our work and the vital importance of channel brands.

TNT 2012 Rebrand

The DNA of Benelux’s launch is drawn from TNT’s positioning in the States, a “We Know Drama” strapline that has delivered a strong personality and heavy lineup of programming for years. The channel has just rebranded (via LA-based ferroconcrete) with an entirely new design system with a clean and direct focus on content, rebooting TNT’s tone of voice, color palette, and typography.

The goal? To cement cement TNT as the destination for drama. The tagline “We Know Drama” was distilled it to its core: Drama. TNT stood for hot programming, bold statements, and no apologies. Drama wasn’t just a tagline, it was a battle cry. TNT’s found its lighter side too; it could be sexy, sensitive, funny, and playful.

TNT 2012 On-Air System

TNT’s menus and end pages were reinvited to improve the viewer experience and stepped away from outdated tune-in information conventions. The rebrand integrates subtle, yet efficient, social media messaging into the network graphics to expand TNT’s reach across today’s media landscape.

Any by chance, if you haven’t seen the TNT Benelux spot, click read more for the video.


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