First Look: France 5 Rebrand (2012)


French public service broadcaster France 5 has rebranded. The self-defined “channel of knowledge and experience” appointed Paris-based Les Télécréateurs to develop a new on-air brand that would “epitomize knowledge as well as act as a clear link to the channel’s multidisciplinary identity”.

Conceptual strategy? Develop the creative behind the simple idea of movement. Looking at “a multitude of things that move in the same direction, link the chain reaction between completely different worlds”. The underlying meaning would be literal: knowledge derives from making new links.

One gem in the package are the :07 bumpers. They are utilised as “a voyage in which the viewer experiences the ever changing world”. Each shot is barely long enough for you to grasp what you are looking at, but never too long that it bores. Most of the bumpers (25 shot in all) travel left to right but some reach an apex of trajectory and start moving in the opposite direction.

Special thanks to France 5 and Les Télécréateurs for giving me access to the campaign, and a super thank you to Julien for getting us that coveted reservation last weekend at Le Chateaubriand. Dude, you rock- merci!


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