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JL Design Weaves Fantastical HiHD Channel Identity

Some much requested channel branding work out of Asia. HiHD is the first HD channel launched in Taiwan. The only creative guideline provided from the initial brief was “to be abstract with the approach to the new channelʼs identity”. The channel name HiHD can be interpreted as “Hi, High Definition” TV.

Update 3/30/09: Added “Baptism” Ident, High Res Quicktime

Click for "Baptism" Ident (High Res Quicktime)

HiHD :30 Main Ident High Quality QT / Low
HiHD :10 Jingle Ident High Quality QT

Click for "Main" Ident (High Res Quicktime)

Taiwan based creative agency JL Design, led by Director/CD Johnason Lo, spearheaded the comprehensive brand assignment. The studio created “a chaotic SD world where residents wander about in search of a new direction”.

From chaos, evolution takes place. Elements are deconstructed and rebuilt in the attempt of a new world order. As all creation works towards this new existence, a new era is born: the era of HD.

The old self and new self are caught in the cycle of evolution and rebirth emphasizing the struggle and competition of all creation in the everlasting cycle of life.  The result is a seamless, otherworldly brand package that creates a sense of true wonder. The music, incidentally, was handled by Punkan. Additional Idents (which I will update) include “Chaos”, “Baptism”, and “Evolution”.


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