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NBC U 2009 “Green is Universal” Branding Campaign

NBC Universal’s 2009 marketing campaign, “Green is Universal”, kicks off formally on April 19 with the Miss USA Pageant. In a flurry of business buzz during this week’s upfronts, B&C reports that the tagline “Green Lives Here” will be adapted and extended to individual brands and advertisers that come on board.

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Kath & Kim: Main Title Sequence Comparison (USA vs. Australia)

With NBC recently announcing the decision to cut the US episode order from 22 to 17; the US version of Kath & Kim’s season finale will come sooner than expected: March 12, 2009. With international show translations growing in popularity, naturally some of us will find ourselves re-packaging imported programming. Here are Kath & Kim’s title sequences side by side for your review, which do you prefer?

(Nice to see Scissor Sisters’ Filthy Gorgeous getting some play via the US version)

Kath & Kim US Main Title Open


Kath & Kim Australian Title Open

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