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New Feature: Student Portfolio Gallery

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone. As some of you know, I went to UCLA (oh those long years ago) to pursue a career in clinical psychology, and got my first job out of university doing social work for the state of California. (I’ll save the how I got into branding/advertising industry for another day.)

Times (and the economy) were very different. Fast forward to today; we have some really talented students finishing up their degrees and looking for a place to spread their creative wings.

I receive a lot of emails from students and those that have recently graduated. “What is the best way to get an internship?”, “How do I get my portfolio seen & noticed?”, “How do I find the right agency to work for?” Until now, I’ve not really had many ways to redirect talent.

After some advice and discussion with a few trusted colleagues, I’ve decided to host a student portfolio gallery as a regular feature to the blog. The goal is provide young creative talent an opportunity to get noticed by decision makers in our industry, which include our regular readership of creative executives from top design agencies and television networks.

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