Discovery Channel Inspires Wonder in new Re-brand

There’s been a good bit of buzz and chatter here in the UK lately regarding the new Discovery re-brand. The comprehensive redesign of Discovery Channel’s (US) on air branding was developed by Los Angeles based motion & production studio Royale. The new package showcases stunning imagery from across the deep Discovery library.

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“Royale brought an idea to the table which brings to life the awesome, unusual and authentic moments found in our programming by combining a series of stills with dynamic 3D animation,” says Heather Roymans, Creative Director of Marketing at Discovery Channel.

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The brand assignment came together after Discovery SVP Creative James Hitchcock and VP Dan Bragg saw Royale’s promo package for Mythbusters.

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Another colleague from my Autonomy days, Amie Nguyen, serving as Art Director for Discovery Channel explains, “Royale showed amazing technical savviness in creating a simple interchangeable system generating unlimited combination of visuals.”

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Royale was also tasked with refining the Discovery Channel logo, which had undergone a design overhaul last spring. The studio re-worked the network’s signature globe icon, giving it dimension and finessing the typography. The new logo is currently being used across all of Discovery’s collateral materials such as letterhead and business cards.

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The comprehensive package for the Discovery Channel includes branding elements, IDs, show menus, transitions, and lower thirds, as well as a generic toolkit of graphics and animation.

In UK Discovery news, Discovery is set to launch a new channel called “Discovery Shed”. The new service, which goes live on March 20, aims to be “the place for men who like good old practical activities to escape to”. Programming will cover fishing, DIY, construction, cars, bikes and outdoor extreme adventure.The addition takes the number of channels in Discovery’s UK portfolio to 12.


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2 responses to “Discovery Channel Inspires Wonder in new Re-brand

  1. kevin k

    I really like simplicity and elegance of Discoveries new look.

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