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One HD, Australia’s New 24/7 Sports Channel Launches

One HD is finally here. Australian Network TEN’s 24/7 digital sports channel launched a couple weeks ago with a nifty “countdown on a vault” thematic and a promo featuring some big name Aussie stars teasing the channel’s programming lineup. TEN is confident that the new channel will score with sports fans. General manager of Sport, David White, explains “We know our opening weekend will give viewers a sensational introduction to ONE, and mark the beginning of a lifetime’s habit of essential sports viewing.”

Here’s the :60 teaser/promo –

From a business perspective, it’s important to note that it is the country’s first commercial free to air network in almost 50 years, which would explain some of the considerable industry and public buzz generated by the brand. The countdown and launch sequence for colleagues in the US & UK who haven’t seen it yet –

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JL Design Weaves Fantastical HiHD Channel Identity

Some much requested channel branding work out of Asia. HiHD is the first HD channel launched in Taiwan. The only creative guideline provided from the initial brief was “to be abstract with the approach to the new channelʼs identity”. The channel name HiHD can be interpreted as “Hi, High Definition” TV.

Update 3/30/09: Added “Baptism” Ident, High Res Quicktime

Click for "Baptism" Ident (High Res Quicktime)

HiHD :30 Main Ident High Quality QT / Low
HiHD :10 Jingle Ident High Quality QT

Click for "Main" Ident (High Res Quicktime)

Taiwan based creative agency JL Design, led by Director/CD Johnason Lo, spearheaded the comprehensive brand assignment. The studio created “a chaotic SD world where residents wander about in search of a new direction”.

From chaos, evolution takes place. Elements are deconstructed and rebuilt in the attempt of a new world order. As all creation works towards this new existence, a new era is born: the era of HD.

The old self and new self are caught in the cycle of evolution and rebirth emphasizing the struggle and competition of all creation in the everlasting cycle of life.  The result is a seamless, otherworldly brand package that creates a sense of true wonder. The music, incidentally, was handled by Punkan. Additional Idents (which I will update) include “Chaos”, “Baptism”, and “Evolution”.


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Sky Rebrand Ident: “Bones” Featuring David Boreanaz

I’ve gotten a few emails in the last couple of weeks from the US asking about the much lauded, latest Sky Rebrand campaign. The Sky Ident, “Bones”, was shot in London on a custom built set, shot on 35mm and featured David Boreanaz. A digital DCP grade was applied to create a cinematic feel.

It was designed to work around the  crime, action, and drama genres on the channel lineup.  Sky’s rebrand project, which originally started mid 2006, brought a premium feel relating the brand to its exclusive content as well as strengthening the family association of Sky 1, 2 and 3.

The channel refresh strengthened the flagship’s entertainment offering in what would be the largest brand refresh since the channel’s launch. The rebrand encompassed three of the main disciplines: rigid bodies, fluid dynamics and particle dynamics, and were applied to various channel packaging elements including promo end pages, credit squeezes, nav menus, and bumpers. The new brand identity had Sky 3 formed of particulate matter, Sky 2 a liquid state, and Sky 1 a strong, solid matter. The R&D and Pre-Vis phase covered an extensive 9-month period.

Jonathan Yeo directed the Sky idents, while Sky CD Andi Granger helmed with Moving Picture company to fine tune the numerical brand look.

This is probably one of the more inquired upon recent UK campaigns by clients. Thanks to Jon Yeo for the project info. Yeo (btw) has turned his creative attention to commercials, music videos, and short film. We are very much looking forward to seeing what’s next from the talented director.


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Atmospheric Branding Idents for Sci Fi

A behind-the-scenes glimpse from London-based dixonbaxi’s ongoing work with Sci Fi Movies. The spots were produced in conjunction with Chris Hewitt and Ben Lukas Boysen. The channel idents are an extension of the overall brand redesign of the channel. The idents can be seen here:

:10 Sci Fi Ident 1

:60 Sci Fi Ident: “Anything Can Happen”

On a related note: February 16, 2009 dixonbaxi’s rebrand of digital channel Five US as Five USA officially launches. Repositioning that aims to reflect the “energy, pulse and guts” of American cities, with premieres of The Beast and 30 Rock.

The he(art) and business of motion graphics

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New idents hail new year for BBC ALBA

Galsgow-based agency Design is Central has produced a series of idents for new-ish Scottish Gaelic language channel BBC ALBA. The idents based on the North Star are supplemented by a set of menu boards. The menus are based on the concept of lines. Lines form in different locations including tents, swallows and buoys. These represent Gaelic as a line, a thread running through culture, history, place, language and media.

The new idents are a springboard off a Christmas Ident series, all of which were shot in Scotland. The focus of attention on the BBC ALBA idents resolves to the north star of the ALBA logo. There is a mysterious pull to the North in each one. They are always in the evening, the ‘first star awake’, and always with side lighting and an evening vibe.

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