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A Passage Through Time for History’s Newest Idents

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Fox International Channel’s History has released a series of new idents that illustrate a journey from present to past. The four idents travel through time to show material in its original condition, eventually resolving with the iconic History logo.

The time lapse driven spots were led by Fox International Channel’s Art Director Mauro Zinni, working with Buenos Aires based design studio Ronda.

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Newest ITV1 Ident Revealed: Dodgems


The last of the 4 new ITV1 idents has been revealed.

2010 ITV1 Ident Dodgems

To celebrate the launch of ITV1 HD, the UK network has refreshed it’s previous idents with a new logo along with adding four new ones to the creative arsenal. This one, titled Dodgems (or bumper cars as Americans know them) was unveiled during Britain’s Got Talent.

All this while (unconfirmed) rumors of ITV mulling a takeover of rival Five?

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Latest Sky 1 Ident Takes Shape for “24”


Quick bit of creative to share with your morning coffee. The new :30 ident comes to us from Sky and Director Jon Yeo featuring Annie Wersching from 24. They’ve provided me with some PreVis Comparison shots for those of you interested.


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More from Al Jazeera’s 2009/2010 Rebrand


Qatar: A pretty exclusive look at a bit more creative (including some original concept copy) from Al Jazeera and their latest rebrand. You can catch up with the earlier part of the campaign here.

Al Jazeera Main Ident

Original Creative Concept: “Water is an essential element for Al Jazeera. The ident starts with a globe filled with news information dropping into the ocean. Unlike the impression of the ocean we have, the world below is bright and warm from where countless particles emerge and spread. Every particle represents something that’s going on in the world. These particles follow the current, finally absorbed at ocean surface by the logo of Al Jazeera to signify the central idea: ONE WORLD, ALL ASPECTS.”

Al Jazeera General Promo

Original Creative Concept: “The sea surface represents an objective platform for opinions, and water drops are different opinions in the world. Water particles move freely in the ocean, coming and going in all directions, bobbing up and down on the sea surface; some water particles collide with the sea surface and some blend in, just like the interflow of various opinions. The endless convergence of opinions finally forms the Al Jazeera logo and slogan: Opinion & Other Opinion.”

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The List: 40 Memorable Channel Branding Campaigns from 2009


2009 brought us a creative torrent of beautifully executed and masterfully architected channel branding campaigns. From our coverage of NBC’s “More Colorful Campaign” and UKTV’s overhaul of its 10 channel portfolio to talked about campaigns from SyFy, Discovery, and MTV, as an industry we responded to a challenging global economy crisis with creative grit and bullish business determination.

And as one of the few (if only) blogs dedicated purely to international TV & screen based branding, we look forward to continuing to bring you news in 2010 from the branding frontline, including (of course) the business perspectives behind them. We ask that you continue your invaluable feedback and contribution to the dialogue. Lastly, (after much encouragement) we are now finally on Facebook. If you like this blog, please support us by joining Art & Business of Motion on Facebook. You can of course still follow us on Twitter.

So as we say a last goodbye to 2009, here’s a conveniently indexed list of 40 memorable channel branding campaigns we covered for you from 2009. To all the folks that help make this happen, a huge thank you! – Denny

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New ‘Doctor Who’ BBC One Christmas Ident


Just released ‘Doctor Who’ BBC One Christmas Ident, featuring David Tennant. In other breaking news, the Doctor Who star has just landed the lead role in the new NBC comedy drama Rex is Not Your Lawyer. The pilot was greenlit by NBC in August, and will have Tennant moving to Los Angeles to pursue his big US network debut.

Creative was developed and produced by Red Bee Media.

And a couple more cuts including:

BBC One Reindeer and TARDIS Sting

and BBC One Christmas Sting Featuring Doctor Who


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