New Chiller Rebrand Really Is “Scary Good”


It’s been roughly a year+ since NBC Universal’s much talked about relaunch from Sci-Fi to Syfy. Since then, horror/thriller sister channel Chiller has been quietly flourishing in the ratings, making significant plays in the original programming department, and growing significant buzz in the television branding community.

Chiller 2010 Network Rebrand

Fueled by a passionate fanbase, Chiller has recently unveiled a new on-air rebrand that includes a blisteringly sharp new logo, as well as a tagline which not only is a great metaphor for the mood and tone of the channel, but summarizes its creative execution as simply: “Scary Good”.

The new Chiller mark is a key element in the redesign. The idents and packaging are meant to exist on, around, or behind the new logo, with “the sharp edges representing the scary, and the round edges representing the good.”

Dave Howe, President, Syfy/Chiller explains, “With its new logo, tagline and channel design, Chiller begins a whole new era, one marked by growth as well as heart pounding thrills and edge-of-your-seat entertainment. The new look and feel will lend the channel a premium topspin, and our tagline, Scary Good, gets right to the heart of what we’re all about.”

A special shout out and thanks to Creative Director, Chiller, Shea Pepper, and VP/Creative Director, Syfy, James Spence.



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4 responses to “New Chiller Rebrand Really Is “Scary Good”

  1. Melissa

    This is soooo good. Really love the edges and the overall feel to the rebrand. Never heard of the channel til today.

  2. Love it. Syfy should be cheering on its sister channel because this is seriously promising.

  3. Simon Ball

    Didn’t think I’d see a better rebrand this year than what was done via MTV International but the creative team at Chiller has a stellar eye. Kudos!

  4. Jay

    Name of the soundtrack anyone??

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