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BBC and BBC One Idents- from 55 years ago to today

Now that we’re through the majority of those clever holiday IDs, a bit of reflection is certainly in order. Can you believe it’s been over 55 years since Abram Games devised that wonderful contraption so fondly nicknamed ‘Bat Wings’ in 1953. This was the arrival of the first ident, and ever since- BBC has been creating some of the best. We know you’ve seen them, but here they are again below for some easy eye consumption.

The most recent BBC One Circle Idents, produced by our colleagues over at Red Bee. In addition, directors including Stuart Douglas (a), Howard Greenhalgh (b), Matt Losasso (c), Mike McGee (d), Charlie Mawer (e), Matthias Hoene (f), and Brand New School (g) lend their eye to the ubiquitous icon.

BBC One Bikes

BBC One 'Bikes' directed by Stuart Douglas

BBC One Hippos

BBC One 'Hippos' directed by Charlie Mawer and Mike McGee

BBC One Kites

BBC One 'Kites' directed by Matthias Hoene

BBC One Lawn Circles

BBC One 'Lawn Circles'

BBC One Moon

BBC One 'Moon' directed by Howard Greenhalgh

BBC One Neon

BBC One 'Neon' conceived by James Spence, Animated by BNS

BBC One Penguin

BBC One 'Penguin'

BBC One Surfers

BBC One 'Surfers' directed by Howard Greenhalgh

BBC One Windows

BBC One 'Windows' directed by Matthias Hoene

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Nat Geo IDs first to be shot in Zero Gravity

Brothers and Sisters Creative Director Steve Shannon creates stir with first of a kind IDs for National Geographic. Admittedly, we’ll soon be running out of content if we’re now shooting spots in NASA-styled space suits.

Interestingly, Nat Geo ran a promo campaign prior titled “What would you like to see floating in Zero Gravity?”I would have suggested a hippopotamus or jellyfish, but I digress. Nice viewer interaction tie-in.

Props to the team at the London-based agency for their ingenuity. A special thanks to Fran for always responding to my emails within (what seems like) mere seconds.

Here are the idents as well as a ‘making of’ vignette.

You can read more about the production here.

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