Exclusive: Yesterday Promo Launch Spot First Look

So when I got an email this morning from UKTV Brand and Marketing maven Sara Holt, I saw the words “I am loving your blog”.  I scrolled down my Blackberry in hopes of finding something delicious, and so I did.  First, if you’re a fan of Ted Baker or the Blighty Campaign, I’d recommend you check out Ted’s Blog, where you’ll find the rest of the Blighty idents:


Yesterday fans are in luck as Sara has provided a promo launch spot as an exclusive first look in anticipation of the March 2nd launch of the channel. Here’s the spot in WMV as well as:

Enjoy! Check back later today and through the weekend for the latest news on the launch idents.

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5 responses to “Exclusive: Yesterday Promo Launch Spot First Look

  1. Jackson Blake

    Whoa! Looking forward to seeing more! We’re big fans of all the new branding. This is not what I expected, but it certainly is better than a boring history channel.

  2. Caroline

    Thanks for posting this glimpse. Looks great.
    Wondering what the other idents will look like. Probably not all of them will be so striking?

  3. Jacob

    Great blog Denny! Loving the scoop-

  4. Mike

    Love the great content!

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