2009 Disney Idents: “Never Stop Dreaming”

The Asia/Pacific market continues to see growth even in this economic downturn. I’ve seen a significant increase in calls and briefs from the region, and thankfully credential awarding is becoming more commonplace with a few lead players emerging from the pack. Style shopping is becoming less common with agencies bolstering their service capabilities across the board, it’s still nontheless interesting to see regional/cultural takes on the iconic Disney brand.

Some new work out of Asia from agency JL Design for Disney. The two :45 spots start with a simple concept: 3D characters going about their daily life in our world. This marks a first time introduction of characters such as Mickey, Winnie, Tiger, and Kim Possible into the Taiwanese marketplace. JL Design Creative Director/Founder Johnason Lo tells me, “Kids often regard cartoon character as their best friends. Our goal was to bring their favorite characters to the real world right among us.”


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