The List: 40 Memorable Channel Branding Campaigns from 2009


2009 brought us a creative torrent of beautifully executed and masterfully architected channel branding campaigns. From our coverage of NBC’s “More Colorful Campaign” and UKTV’s overhaul of its 10 channel portfolio to talked about campaigns from SyFy, Discovery, and MTV, as an industry we responded to a challenging global economy crisis with creative grit and bullish business determination.

And as one of the few (if only) blogs dedicated purely to international TV & screen based branding, we look forward to continuing to bring you news in 2010 from the branding frontline, including (of course) the business perspectives behind them. We ask that you continue your invaluable feedback and contribution to the dialogue. Lastly, (after much encouragement) we are now finally on Facebook. If you like this blog, please support us by joining Art & Business of Motion on Facebook. You can of course still follow us on Twitter.

So as we say a last goodbye to 2009, here’s a conveniently indexed list of 40 memorable channel branding campaigns we covered for you from 2009. To all the folks that help make this happen, a huge thank you! – Denny

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7Two (Australia): 2009 Channel Launch
Al Jazeera (Middle East): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Australia Network (Australia): 2009 Channel Rebrand
BBC Alba (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
(UK): 2009 Christmas Idents
(UK): 2009 Channel Ident
(UK): 2009 Channel Launch
Bravo (US): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Cartoon Network (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
(China): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Channel Nine (Australia): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Comedy Central (UK): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Discovery Channel (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Disney Channel (Taiwan): 2009 Channel Idents
Eden (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
ESPN America (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
Five (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
Five USA (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
Fox (Italy): 2009 Channel Idents
FX (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
Good Food (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
HiHD (Taiwan)- 2009 Channel Launch
Home (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
ITV (UK): 2009 Brand Campaign
MTV (Australia): 2009 Channel Idents
MTV (International): 2009 Channel Idents
National Geographic Channel (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
Nat Geo Wild (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
NBC (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Nickelodeon (Germany): 2009 Channel Idents
One HD (Australia): 2009 Channel Launch
PBS (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Really (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
RTE (Ireland): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Sci-Fi Movies (UK): 2009 Idents
Sky (UK): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Syfy (USA): 2009 Channel Launch
TCM (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Virgin 1 (UK): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Yesterday (UK): 2009 Channel Launch

*Please note that this index will now be a regularly updated section of the site located here. Feel free to update your bookmarks!



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3 responses to “The List: 40 Memorable Channel Branding Campaigns from 2009

  1. Great compilation of stories. Most especially helpful because we don’t get much exposure to the UK channels here.

    Must admit the Cartoon Network rebrand is one of my top favorites, though some of the sports rebrands covered here are interesting as well. Enjoyed PBS’ work this year as well.

    Have bookmarked this list!

  2. Mary Sinclair

    I had the highest hopes for Discovery this last year, but in my opinion it’s slightly veered off course. Maybe its just my imagination but I notice them changing their on-air look far too often?

  3. Syfy was promising (keyword WAS). Loved the stuff you shared out of Asia, really beautiful aesthetic.

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