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First Look: Cartoon Network’s New 2010 Rebrand


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First Look: Devoted Cartoon Network fans may have noticed new design elements appearing in late May, but it wasn’t until this week that the network officially unveiled a series of 14 new on-air IDs (one apiece representing each letter in ‘Cartoon Network’) cultimating in a full rollout of a new look for the channel.

Individual IDs are swapped in for each of the 14 letters in Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network 2010 Rebrand

The rebrand (developed over two months), led by Brand New School, consists of a new logo, a complete visual identity system and OSP, and other design elements comprising the new brand expansion.

Available in 97 million US homes and 166 countries around the world, Cartoon Network wanted to bring to life its vision of an expansion strategy that included a new look and tone. The network chose to embrace its brand visual heritage of the black and white checkerboard by imbuing it with new meaning.

Every Cartoon Network day starts and ends with the dashboard clock, as pictured here waking up after a long night of adult swim programming

“Our brand expansion represents our commitment to delivering a breadth of content that audience cannot find anywhere else,” said SVP of Creative Direction, Cartoon Network Michael Ouweleen.

Cartoon Network credits include CMO Brenda Freeman, SVP Michael Ouweleen, VP Production Nathania Seales, and Art Director Mike Lacombe, with BNS led by Creative Director Jonathan Notaro and Art Directors Eric Adolfsen and Mike Calvert.

Afternoons kick off with the power-up of CN's dashboard, a visualization of the odd inner-machinery of the station. These widgets are individually spotlighted throughout the afternoon.

At night, the CN dashboard shutters and becomes a simple, checker-based typographic system that visualizes the primetime line-up.

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Cartoon Network Reimagined


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One To Watch: With all the talk about Cartoon Network’s recent 2010 rebrand (and continued props to Capacity’s vision for the previous network rebrand), here’s a little bit of something more for all those CN fans.

British recent uni grad Matt Frodsham offers his take on the ubiquitous channel. The personal project became a passion after originally being developed as an entry for YCN (Young Creative Network), a D&AD of sorts. He adds, “I afforded the time to learn the 3D character rigging etc. while I worked on it by working it into a uni semester and working more than full time hours on it for a couple of months.” If you’re interested in reading more about his process, take a look here.

It’s a nice glimpse into the aspirations of the newest generation of mograph creatives coming out of college. Being raised in a diverse channel offering universe, they have an interesting take on that elusive blurred line between lifestyle, branding, content, and platform. We are planning on spotlighting more notable recent grads, so if you have a tip- feel free to drop a line.

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More 2009 Cartoon Network Rebrand Graphics

Some additional visual samples from Capacity’s new 2009 CN rebrand campaign. Read more on the Cartoon Network Rebrand here.




The he(art) and business of motion graphics


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Cartoon Network Rebrands for 2009

New year and new channel identity work already launching. My friends at LA-based Capacity rebrands category leader Cartoon Network for 2009. While the 2006 rebrand of NBC collected industry-wide attention for its distinctly interactive feel, the new brand assignment for client Cartoon Network includes some wonderfully devised characters (designed by the team at KidRobot).

Described as:

An interchangeable system of elements that gathered all of CN’s characters into one place. The blank figures, called Noods,  are canvases upon which characters of all shapes, sizes, and styles can coexist. The resulting world is a playground of rich colors and unlimited combinations, ownable only by Cartoon Network.

The rebrand/reel soundtrack was produced by Capacity as well.

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