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First Look: Coronation Street’s New 2010 HD Main Title, Retrospective


First Look: British prime-time soap opera institution, Coronation Street, is getting a much talked about new look. The ITV show is getting a brand new title sequence (first time in eight years) as the show moves to high definition on Monday. Rival EastEnders revamped its title sequence for the first time in ten years last September.

Coronation Street 2010

Corrie Executive Producer Kieran Roberts tells us, “In our new titles Coronation Street remains the star but we see it as part of a busy, modern Manchester through our opening shots. The overall feel is livelier, more intimate and more colourful and they look stunning.”

Manchester’s own HerseyGoldie Films produced the titles (post by Space Digital) on a four week concept to final delivery timetable.

When US soap As the World Turns ends in September 2010, Coronation Street will become the world’s longest running scripted television show.

Coronation Street’s first set of black and white titles was viewers’ first glimpse of the show in 1960. The simple sequence, preceded by the Granada television ident, was very short. For serious Corrie fans and other main title enthusiasts, click keep reading for a short retrospective on the national institution…

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And the Emmy for 2009 Outstanding Main Title Design Goes to…

Last night at Nokia Theater LA Live, the 2009 Creative Arts Emmy Award Winners were announced.

The nominees for Outstanding Main Title Design:

Lie To Me (FOX)
Storymakers (AMC)
Taking Chance (HBO)
True Blood (HBO)
United States of Tara (Showtime)

Congratulations to the 2009 Emmy Winner United States of Tara (Showtime)
Jamie Caliri, Director/Designer, Dave Finkel, Creator/CD, Brett Baer, Creator/CD, Alex Juhasz, Animator, Anthony Scott, Animator, Morgan Hay, Title Producer

I’d like to also congratulate longtime colleague and friend Kenny Rhodes for his Emmy win, Short Format: Non-Fiction, for his work on Writer’s Draft. You can catch the Creative Arts Emmys on E! on Sept 18, at 1pm.


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2008-2009 Primetime Main Title Emmy Noms

After producing a few dozen main titles myself through the years, I can appreciate the work and dedication that goes into the craft. Hats off to the 2009 nominees, announced earlier today in Hollywood by Chandra Wilson and Jim Parsons. Winners will be announced September 20, 2009- televised by CBS from the Nokia Theatre LA Live.

Lie To MeFOXTwentieth Century Fox Television in association with Imagine Entertainment
Robert Bradley, Title Designer
Thomas Cobb, Title Designer
StorymakersAMCLeroy & Morton Productions
James Spindler, Creative Director
Mike Wasilewski, Designer
Ahmet Ahmet, Art Director
Grant Lau, Art Director
Taking ChanceHBOMotion Picture Corporation of American and Civil Dawn Pictures in association with HBO Films
Michael Riley, Title Designer
Dru Nget, Title Designer
Dan Meehan, Animator
Bob Swensen, Main Title Producer
True BloodHBOYour Face Goes Here Entertainment in association with HBO Entertainment
Rama Allen, Designer
Shawn Fedorchuk, Editor
Matthew Mulder, Creative Director
Morgan Henry, Main Title Producer
Camm Rowland, Designer
Ryan Gagnier, Designer
United States Of TaraShowtimeShowtime presents in association with Dreamworks Television
Jamie Caliri, Director/Director of Photography/Editor/Main Digital Compositor
Dave Finkel, Creator
Brett Baer, Creator

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MGFest 2009 Title Open

If you were at MGFest (Motion Graphics Festival) 2009 in Chicago just a few weeks ago, you would’ve seen some opening title work from CD Jason White and his team from Chicago-based LIFT.

Here’s a look if you missed it.

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Kath & Kim: Main Title Sequence Comparison (USA vs. Australia)

With NBC recently announcing the decision to cut the US episode order from 22 to 17; the US version of Kath & Kim’s season finale will come sooner than expected: March 12, 2009. With international show translations growing in popularity, naturally some of us will find ourselves re-packaging imported programming. Here are Kath & Kim’s title sequences side by side for your review, which do you prefer?

(Nice to see Scissor Sisters’ Filthy Gorgeous getting some play via the US version)

Kath & Kim US Main Title Open


Kath & Kim Australian Title Open

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