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HBO Enters Dreamscape With Release of Newest Ident


HBO has always been about storytelling. And great characters of course. Be it fact or fiction, the network has made a success melding powerful stories around delicately crafted worlds.

HBO Asia 2010 Ident "Dreamscape"

So came the birth of HBO Asia’s newest ident Dreamscape, which briefs reads “Audiences get to escape from reality through these stories and reach a dreamscape where anything is possible.”

Wisps of smoke are used in an indefinite state to represent an unpredictable playfulness in a world where “imagination can run wild”. And while we’re on the topic (if you’re a fan of wisps), it would be good to revisit CCTV’s intricately crafted :60 brand spot “Ink”.

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First Look: China’s New Global 24 Hour English News Channel


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China’s New Global English News Channel, CNC World, has launched. Run by China’s State News agency Xinhua, the network hopes expanding foreign language media will help promote China’s image and viewpoint, ultimately “challenging the BBC and CNN”. CNC World preview here:

Unfortunately, based on some initial previews of the new on-air package and branding, they may have some significant way to go. The new CNC World’s new on-air package looks flat and dreary next to its domestic rival CCTV (read our coverage of CCTV’s “Believe in the Power of the Brand” here), let alone CNN or Al Jazeera (read our coverage of Al Jazeera’s latest rebrand here). You can see what CNC World is up against with these two spots:

With reports of over $5 billion (yes with a B) being spent by the government on CNC World, state broadcaster CCTV, and the People’s Daily Newspaper expansion into the global marketplace, expect to see a swift refresh fix of the CNC World package.  Many countries look to their domestic and global news presence as a reflection of their growing economic prowess and position on the world stage.

The Chinese broadcaster plans to build a state of the art newsroom as its New York headquarters at the top of a 44 story skyscraper in Times Square alongside nearby Reuters, Condé Nast, and The New York Times.

Speaking at the launch in Beijing yesterday, channel president, Li Congjun, said CNC would “present an international vision with a China perspective”. I’d say based on what we’ve seen on-air so far, CNC World should give me a call ASAP.

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CCTV: “Believe in the Power of the Brand”

I had meant to get this newest :60 spot (titled “Ink”) up last week when it was breaking news, but a busy schedule (and travel) has kept me from my proper blog curation duties. Thanks to the folks at CCTV for contacting me and sending it my way. Fortunately, several years of Mandarin lessons and regular Chinese practice with family members meant I could almost speak without a noticable accent. Okay, well maybe not.

You might find it surprising the amount of interest (based on searches) there is in the Asia/Australia channel branding market. Just a few years ago, chinese broadcast designers looked to the west/europe for trends and inspiration. Now we’re seeing a much healthier balance of creative exchange between continents.

The latest spot creating a bit of a stir from agency MMIA Beijing (which has a multiyear partnership with CCTV for advertising rights/creative output) is explained, “From invisible to visible, from boundaries to no boundaries. CCTV — Believe in the power of the brand”. The :60 spot brings together traditional elements fused with modern Chinese culture, including brushstroke calligraphy, images of dragons, fish, and bird, fluidic Tai Chi movement and the iconic Great Wall of China.

I will be keeping a close eye on how this campaign develops through the next several months, and of course- sharing it with all of you.

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