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TV Main Title Index
*Updated Oct 20, 2012

Below you will find a list of US/UK Television main title sequences and graphics show packages. This resource is updated on a regular basis.

24 (FOX) – Montgomery & Co. Creative / Thomas Cobb Group
30 Rock (NBC) – Big Film Design
Academy Awards (2009 Awards Show Package) – Prologue
Amazing Race (CBS) – Autonomy
American Idol (FOX) – Aerodrome
America’s Got Talent (NBC) – Aerodrome
Angels in America (HBO) – Big Film Design
Battlestar Galactica Miniseries (Sci-Fi) – Rezn8
Britain’s Got Talent (ITV) – Liquid TV
Brotherhood (Showtime)- loyalkaspar
Chuck (NBC) – Imaginary Forces
Community (NBC) – Sarofsky
Damages (FX) – Bigstar
Desperate Housewives (ABC) – Yu+Co.
Dexter (Showtime) – Digital Kitchen
Dollhouse (FOX) – Imaginary Forces
Dr. Phil (NBC) – 3 Ring Circus
Elementary (CBS) – Prologue
Eli Stone (ABC) – Thomas Cobb Group
Endurance (NBC) – Autonomy
Entertainment Tonight (CBS) – Rezn8
Entourage (HBO) – Creative Bubble
Extreme Home Makeover (ABC) – Picture Mill
Get Color (HGTV) – Spontaneous
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) – Digital Kitchen
Hells Kitchen (UK) – Jump Design
Heroes (NBC) – Thomas Cobb Group
House (FOX) – Digital Kitchen
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – Bl:nd
Human Target (FOX) – Imaginary Forces
Hustle (BBC One/AMC) – Berger & Wyse
Indecision 2008 (Comedy Central) – Royale
Journeyman (NBC) – Thomas Cobb Group
Laguna Beach (MTV) – Montgomery & Co. Creative
Lipstick Jungle (NBC) – Thomas Cobb Group
Mad Men (AMC) – Imaginary Forces
Make Me A Supermodel (Bravo) – Nth Degree
Mind of Mencia (Comedy Central) – Belief
New Amsterdam (FOX) – Pure
NCIS (CBS) – Thomas Cobb Group
Nip / Tuck (FX) – Digital Kitchen
Nurse Jackie (Showtime) – Imaginary Forces
Over the Rainbow (BBC) – Hello Charlie
Password (CBS) – Nth Degree
Prison Break (FOX) – Picture Mill
Pushing Daisies* (ABC) – Picture Mill / Prologue
Rescue Me (FX) – Digital Kitchen
Sanctuary (Sci-Fi) – Pure
SNL (NBC) – Trollback + Company
Southland (NBC) – Imaginary Forces
Storymakers (AMC) – Imaginary Forces
The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – Picture Mill
The Colbert Report (Comedy Central) – Verb, HD Open 2010 – Mr. Wonderful
The Company (TNT) – Digital Kitchen
The Daily Show (Comedy Central) – Verb
The F Word (Channel 4) – Hello Charlie
The Insider (CBS) – Rezn8
The L Word (Showtime) – Autonomy
The One Show (BBC1) – Jump Design
The Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo) – Edgeworkx
The Surreal Life (VH1) – Spontaneous
The X-Factor (ITV) – Jump Design
The Young & The Restless (CBS) – Autonomy
True Blood (HBO) – Digital Kitchen
Ugly Betty (ABC) – Yu+Co.
Veronica Mars (The WB) – Prologue
Weeds (Showtime) – Thomas Cobb Group

*Due to title redesigns, you may find shared credits for certain titles. Additional information is provided when available and verified.