New “Top Model” image campaign unfolds for The CW

The new on-air promo campaign launches for the 2009 season/cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model. The image spot (:30/:20/:10) conceptualized by bi-coastal agency, Blind, was developed after the network had come with a photo shoot of the models already complete. The on-air campaign led by director/cd Tom Koh, was inspired by folding architecture, kaleidoscopes, and stop motion. The campaign was led client-side by CW VP On-Air, Mark Evans, and creative executives Chris Donovan, Rick Frey, and Jennifer Titus. Extra thanks to Blind President/ECD Chris Do.

Click for Movie

Click for Movie

I’ll admit I’ve watched a couple (ahem) episodes of The CW hit. Do you think Tyra practices saying “You’re still in the running for being America’s Next Top Model” while looking in the mirror? Thought so.

ANTM Storyboard

ANTM Storyboard- Click for Full

Promo Campaign Concept Art

Promo Campaign Concept Art- Click for full

Post Production

Post Production- Click for full

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  1. Hey Denny!

    It’s hot and I love it. I want to be in it, that’s how much I love it! When are you coming to LA?


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