A message

What a year! First, I’d like to say thank you for the enormous response and continued support for the blog. As you can see, the site has gone dormant for quite some time (even without posts- there are still a couple hundred of you that visit daily, thank you!).

The reasons for this are too numerous to name, fortunately all very good. 2014 has been the incredible, both professionally and personally. I capped off the year making the Financial Times 100 LGBT List, a wonderfuly humbling achievement which I’d like to thank all my colleagues at Sky for creating an environment that celebrates everyone bringing their authentic selves to work. Separate to that, this year I celebrated 7 years in remission from cancer- I’m still kicking about and causing good creative provocation everywhere I go. Two great moments this year to reflect on.

One thing is for certain- there is certainly a hunger for creative debate, sharing, and conversation around the work, the work, and the work. Expect to see more in 2015.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite Chinese proverbs to usher you into the New Year: True gold knows no fire


PS. Please do leave me a message either here or through the other numerous channels (@dennytu). I’d love to hear from you, old and new friends alike.


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2 responses to “A message

  1. Sarah Carter

    Happy New Year to you too Denny. Have been following your blog for years and the thought of getting more posts is very exciting. Congratulations on the FT publication, what an achievement!

  2. Greg C

    Great news on more posts in 2015! Dig the blog Denny!

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