An Exclusive Look at MTV’s Hot New Brand: MTV Push


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ABM Exclusive: Last week, we gave you a sneak peek at the much talked about new global music properly from MTV. Developed by MTV’s World Design Studio in Milan (see previous story here) and Nick Scott Studio in London, MTV Push launches with an ambitious new creative campaign described as edgy, bold, and serious.

Diggin' the magenta

“Push is a global property from MTV dedicated to new music. Push is committed to delivering the next generation of artists who will create the future of music, shape cultures and touch the hearts and souls of audiences.”

The entire package, from initial conversation and brainstorm to production and delivery was accomplished in 3 months. The MTV World Design Studio in Milan is known to nourish good creative, and as such the teams were allowed to edge the boundaries with a package which goal was to maximize the limits all the while remaining modular.

Initially, MTV’s brief required just identity, OSP, and a :05 opening bumper and closer. Although the requirements fit the strategic goals of the initial campaign elements, the decision was made to expand the Pin Art creative nexus to include a final deliverable list that added 3 additional :07 bumpers, closer, 2/3 line clip title, promo donut, lower/upper thirds, pop up box, and a comprehensive style guide. The style guide was provided to me as well, quite a nice read.

(Btw, I am accepting channel style guides for a writeup late summer on the best 2010 style guides. If you’d like to submit yours, send it my way).

“The origins of the logo stem from the central theme of the Push identity – the Pin Art. The logo adopts the circle as a motif due to the circular heads of the Pin Art. The logo inherently being a circle suggests that ‘Push’ is present in every pin of the pin art and therefore present in every genre of music. This reflects a global outlook and the ability to be intrinsically at the forefront of new music.”

The finished spots look superb. What do you think? Share your thoughts here or on our new Facebook page.

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