Five USA Rebrand Pulses American Spirit

As an Angeleno living in the UK for the past year, I must the Five USA Rebrand holds a pretty special place in my good old American heart. I can only watch so much Clark + May touring Britain and Nigella scurrying about Harvey Nicks before really missing the grotty parts of Sunset Blvd, In-N-Out Double Doubles, my Sunday cardio aka: Target, and the wide open car park also known as the 405. And really, who does a better chocolate milkshake than a good old fashioned American Diner?

Click for Brand Spot

Click for Brand Spot

The new on-air look reflects the channel’s strong American programming lineup with a bold and vibrant series of idents filmed over 2 weeks in New York, LA, Miami, and Las Vegas.

The camera work is up close and personal. The goal was to allow viewers to feel like they are in the middle of the action. The shooting style was intentionally handheld, raw, controlled, and fluid. A ticker-tape device was developed to reveal show information with snippets  of overheard conversation within the scrolling text.

Click for Eye Contact Ident

Click for Eye Contact Ident

The Five USA Rebrand launches with a set of 9 idents, capturing the energy and passion of exclusive locations as well as unforgettable raw and real characters.

London-based creative collective dixonbaxi, in collaboration with Five Creative Services, helmed the brand assignment. The new logo is part of a comprehensive identity package developed by dixonbaxi for the Five Network and sits alongside Five and Fiver.

Click for Heli Ident

Click for Heli Ident

The audience is put at the heart of the action, feeling the vibrancy and energy of America- up close and personal. DixonBaxi Creative Director Aporva Baxi further explains, “The tone and pace of the new identity is ‘Electric America’, an exciting, daring and distinct mirroring of the programming and channel ambition.”

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The channel’s soundtrack was specially commissioned from Simon Pyke at Freefarm Sound Design / Music to capture the scale and spirit of modern, urban USA. The feel is chirpy, raw, and real.

Click for Football Ident

Click for Football Ident

Extra thanks to agency principal Simon Dixon for reaching out and the kind words on the blog.


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4 responses to “Five USA Rebrand Pulses American Spirit

  1. Terry W

    Really great to see this UK/US perspective. I had heard of the rebrand but didn’t know who did it, what it looked like. Quite refreshing.

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