TV Brand Identity: Balls, Blobs, and Spandex Clad Men

A hilarious must see: sharp witted (and award winning Australian film & television critic) Marc Fennell does it again. Marc sent me a message yesterday regarding ‘#zombie looting’. Unfortunately, I don’t have all my Tweet-speak down yet.

What I do know is that audiences are equipped with greater awareness of our work in screen branding. They are connected to the mass media dialogue like never before. And since consumers now interact with content and programming through intersecting media portals, they’re quite likely to tweet and blog their true feelings towards our entertainment brands (and how we package them) into the digital hemisphere. The real question? Will those of us in the branding business hear their call?

There’s never been a greater opportunity to listen, speak, and interact directly with our evolving (and lean forward) audience.

In the span of just 6 minutes, Mark manages to channel some collective Aussie angst, while simultaneously being able to talk about Channel Nine’s Balls and the (beloved) BBC Three “Blobs” engaged in some alleged dubious behavior.

If you manage to get through the video without smirking, smiling (/crying), grinning, or outright chuckling, please immediately run out and get yourself some Pinkberry. Make that a large with blueberry, raspberry, and kiwi.

You, my friend, have yoda-like self control.

Do you have an opinion on this issue? Go ahead! Post your (g-rated) thoughts below and share your comments on the current state of television branding and continuity. We’re listening…

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8 responses to “TV Brand Identity: Balls, Blobs, and Spandex Clad Men

  1. Brent Patel

    Great find on the video!

    I must say some channels are starting to look the same to me. It’s probably (at least partially) due to the fact that we’re bombarded in a short attention span world.

    If I had to pick a channel of the top of my head that I just really enjoyed watching from a visual & continuity perspective, I’d go with NBC.

  2. Maria Sinclair

    I love love love Lifetime! It’s always been rly tasteful-

  3. JR Sinclair

    I still think Channel 4 (UK) does an incredible job at keeping the flow going from programme to programme. The idents are really clever.

    I was in Canada last week and found one of their channels really cool. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name. So much for name retention…

  4. As a mother (and designer), I have to say that Nick has done a fantastic job delivering on a true kid brand. I grew up with “Double Dare”- I get a sense of nastalgia anytime I see that orange.

  5. Dragonfly1005

    I’m surprised no one mentioned MTV. They’ve always kept the on-air fresh with nice design flow.

  6. Monolith1

    I like the latest look from Discovery, tho as a viewer I must say they change their look quite a bit. I don’t understand this.

  7. Nana

    I have to agree channel 4 uk still gets top marks on originality and flow, but bbc 3 are hilarious with some daring ideas (the orange creature masturbating).
    MTV have become like an Andy Warhol print, once you see one you can guess what the next one looks like, there is no surprise within the elements being used, its not organic and its not simple.

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