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First Look: China’s New Global 24 Hour English News Channel


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China’s New Global English News Channel, CNC World, has launched. Run by China’s State News agency Xinhua, the network hopes expanding foreign language media will help promote China’s image and viewpoint, ultimately “challenging the BBC and CNN”. CNC World preview here:

Unfortunately, based on some initial previews of the new on-air package and branding, they may have some significant way to go. The new CNC World’s new on-air package looks flat and dreary next to its domestic rival CCTV (read our coverage of CCTV’s “Believe in the Power of the Brand” here), let alone CNN or Al Jazeera (read our coverage of Al Jazeera’s latest rebrand here). You can see what CNC World is up against with these two spots:

With reports of over $5 billion (yes with a B) being spent by the government on CNC World, state broadcaster CCTV, and the People’s Daily Newspaper expansion into the global marketplace, expect to see a swift refresh fix of the CNC World package.  Many countries look to their domestic and global news presence as a reflection of their growing economic prowess and position on the world stage.

The Chinese broadcaster plans to build a state of the art newsroom as its New York headquarters at the top of a 44 story skyscraper in Times Square alongside nearby Reuters, Condé Nast, and The New York Times.

Speaking at the launch in Beijing yesterday, channel president, Li Congjun, said CNC would “present an international vision with a China perspective”. I’d say based on what we’ve seen on-air so far, CNC World should give me a call ASAP.

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More from Al Jazeera’s 2009/2010 Rebrand


Qatar: A pretty exclusive look at a bit more creative (including some original concept copy) from Al Jazeera and their latest rebrand. You can catch up with the earlier part of the campaign here.

Al Jazeera Main Ident

Original Creative Concept: “Water is an essential element for Al Jazeera. The ident starts with a globe filled with news information dropping into the ocean. Unlike the impression of the ocean we have, the world below is bright and warm from where countless particles emerge and spread. Every particle represents something that’s going on in the world. These particles follow the current, finally absorbed at ocean surface by the logo of Al Jazeera to signify the central idea: ONE WORLD, ALL ASPECTS.”

Al Jazeera General Promo

Original Creative Concept: “The sea surface represents an objective platform for opinions, and water drops are different opinions in the world. Water particles move freely in the ocean, coming and going in all directions, bobbing up and down on the sea surface; some water particles collide with the sea surface and some blend in, just like the interflow of various opinions. The endless convergence of opinions finally forms the Al Jazeera logo and slogan: Opinion & Other Opinion.”

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Al Jazeera Network Rebrands for 2010


The Qatar headquartered Middle Eastern News Network, Al Jazeera, has rebranded. Serving a 140 million audience, the (at times controversial) network launched the new look on its 13th anniversary, simplifying its color palette from 20 to 3 main colors, gold, sea blue, and pearl white. The brand assignment was helmed by Taiwan-based JL Design.

While launched initially as an Arabic current affairs satellite news channel, Al Jazeera has since expanded into a network with several outlets, including an internet offering, and channels Al Jazeera Sports, Al Jazeera Live, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Children.

It was just five years ago that the network surprised a few by being voted as fifth most influential global brand (Brand Rankings by Impact) Readers Choice Award, behind Apple, Google, Ikea, and Starbucks. If you like this blog, please support us by joining Art & Business of Motion on Facebook. You can of course still follow us on Twitter.


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Weekend in Brief: RTL, Virgin Media, V, Showcase

The first digital channel launch from a major Dutch commercial broadcaster, RTL Nederland plans to launch “RTL Lounge” on Oct 2. Aimed at young women, the 24 hour network includes a couple personal favs such as Nigella Bites and Project Runway.

Congratulations to the much respected (and very talented) Cindy Rose who was recently named executive director of television for Virgin Media. The former Disney executive will hold responsibility for TV strategy, including the development of its digital platform and VOD services. She will (in part) be replacing Malcolm Wall, who resigned as chief executive of Virgin’s content business in March.

Another Channel V? On August 31st, Quebec TV network TQS will be rebranded as simply “V”. The rebranding, by Nolin BBDO includes the new tag line “Let yourself be entertained.” The logo is a V inside a circle, and to show the station is staying true to its non-conformist bad-boy roots. Read: hint of devilish good fun.

Toronto: Showcase will debut a new logo and on-air look starting this Monday, and will roll out a national consumer marketing campaign promoting itself as “the home of bold hits”. “The inspiration for Showcase’s logo and on-air look came from the channel’s versatile and top-notch roster of content,” said creative director Kevin Watson, in the release. “With that in mind, we were able to conceptualize and produce branding that is a direct reflection of the channel itself – bold, adaptable and larger than life.”

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Design business to weather economic storm? Hopeful new research

When times are tough, the inclination is to cut discretionary spending to things like design and brand marketing. Not so fast says a new report out by the Design Council. The UK study reports that half of businesses:

… are looking to design their way out of downturn
Over half (54%) of the firms in our survey thought design would contribute to a large or great extent in helping maintain their competitive edge in the current economic climate.

… think design is more important now
Similarly, 53% thought that design had become more important in helping the firm to achieve its business objectives over the last three years.

… think design is integral to the economic performance of the UK
The same number agreed or strongly agreed that design is integral to the country’s future economic performance.

During challenging times, investments in creative, including advertising and brand development may in fact give a business a competitive edge over rivals who are reining in their design and innovation budgets in order to save money.

With the credit markets slowly showing signs of thaw, design firms must step up their efforts in promoting brand solutions that deliver both creatively and economically. It seems even big corporate CEOs agree.

American Express chief executive Ken Chenault told Fortune magazine:

A difficult economic environment argues for the need to innovate more, not to pull back.

Similarly, in September 2008 following a crisis in the global financial markets and in the face of an impending worldwide recession, Intel’s chairman Craig Barrett told Reuters:

We’ve always had the attitude that you have to make that investment in good times and bad.

The he(art) and business of motion graphics

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UK Study: Design Business up in 2009

Some good news for a change. The Design Council has published a new study (Jan 2009) revealing 54% of UK businesses are planning to use design to help them survive the economic downturn. It’s National Survey of Firms, reveals that “far from retreating to safety and resorting to cutting costs, increasing number of firms are using design as a powerful tool to help combat the toughest economic condition in decades.”

The study, which is based in the UK, showed that the number of firms who regarded design as integral to their operations doubled in the past three years from 15 to 30%. Although this study covers design within a broad spectrum of specialties, it is upbeat news for designers working in the image & branding verticals.

This confirms our recent observations of a noticeable uptick of direct-to-client business moving to broadcast design shops from traditional ad agency relationships. This is encouraging news for creative boutiques that offer image, brand strategy, vfx and production as a ‘one-roof’, direct-to-client offering.

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