New Sky Arts HD Idents Capture Playful Majesty


Sky has just unveiled four brand new idents for Sky Arts 1 HD and Sky Arts 2 HD, two leading art oriented television channels dedicated to theatrical performances, movies, documentaries and music.


Sky Arts 1 HD


The first new ident for Sky Arts 1 HD, titled “Chair”, is set in a whimsical seaside playground. With Radium handling music/sound design and ManvsMachine behind design and animation, the spot flows effortlessly even if the British summer doesn’t seem to quite want to cooperate. Nods to director Jon Yeo, Creative Director Cam Levin, VFX Creative Director Mike Alderson.

Here’s a nicely comped post production comparison video as well as the new Sky Arts 2 HD Ident “Bike”.

Special thanks to Sky Creative and Director Jon Yeo for sharing the new spots. Are you a broadcaster with new work? Drop me a email.


Sky Arts 2 HD


Catch two more new Sky Arts HD idents “Strings” and  “Fruit” after the jump.


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2 responses to “New Sky Arts HD Idents Capture Playful Majesty

  1. Thanks for the visual breakdowns. It’s really interesting seeing a concept from start to finish.

  2. linasv

    Nice production. Good music. Final resolves look sharp.
    The “Chair” ident feels stronger than the others. Could be the use of “actual” elements vs the other manufactured / foreign graphic elements in “Bike” “Fruit” and “Strings”.

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