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National Geographic’s ‘Great Migrations’ A Visual Masterpiece


As someone who has loved every minute of BBC’s (/Discovery Channel’s) epic mini-series ‘Life‘, it shouldn’t surprise you that Nat Geo’s ambitious global programming event, ‘Great Migrations’, has me equally excited. The thriller takes viewers around the world on the arduous journey millions of animals undertake to ensure the survival of their species (shiver!). Sort of sounds like my migration from Los Angeles to London, but I digress.

National Geographic's 'Great Migrations'

Great Migrations is a worldwide initiative unprecedented in Nat Geo’s storied 120 year history. At the core of the series is a seven-hour high-definition miniseries event three years in the making — produced by National Geographic Television. A comprehensive marketing, communications and digital cross-platform campaign will reach audiences nationwide.

National Geographic's 'Great Migrations'

National Geographic's 'Great Migrations'

First up, an eye-catching :60 promo that takes some stunning footage and weaves a careful mix of graphics into the story of risk and power involved in every migration. The fundamental drive for movement is captured in a single epic motion across the minute long piece. The spot was created through a collaboration between Gentleman Scholar (Design) and Whitehouse Post (Editorial).

As I’ve done in the past (to pretty positive feedback), here’s a peek at the creative development of the project, which includes an early written and storyboard treatment. Enjoy.

'Great Migrations' Early Concept Treatment (click for full)

Special thanks to Nat Geo’s Megan Gilbert for reaching out, a shoutout to Whitehouse editor & friend Josh Bodnar (whom I’m sure you remember from his Emmy winning work on the Dexter main title), EP Rob Sanborn and directorial creds to William Campbell & Will Johnson.

I know some of you are really eager to get an update on NGC channel branding- not to worry as I will be providing you some brand new creative from the global ‘Live Curious’ campaign straight from the folks at Nat Geo themselves. Stay tuned!


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BBC Sport- Winter Olympics 2010 Animated Film


The BBC has released an epic animated commercial (:40) to celebrate the upcoming coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

The film was set around a legendary quest, “whereby an Inuit hero has to retrieve a spiritual stone that has been taken by a giant Bear from a mystical totem. In the process of his mission our hero draws on his skills in a series of challenging & physically brutal Olympic style sports to recover the precious ice locked stone, thus restoring light and peace to his dark and troubled world”.

BBC Winter Olympics 2010 film, commissioned by BBC / Red Bee Media, agency: RKCR/Y&R, prod co: Studio AKA

Incidentally, the intricate background shots were based on designs by Jon Klassen, who worked on the movie Coraline.

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Discovery/Hasbro Reveals New Kid Channel Name & Logo


Discovery Communications and Hasbro Inc. have (officially) unveiled the name and logo of their new 50/50 joint venture childrens network. The new Channel will be known as “The Hub” and will reach 60 million homes on what is currently known as Discovery Kids Network. The launch of The Hub is slated for late fall 2010.

CEO Margaret Loesch explains, “A hub is a place where great things come together — and that is precisely what The Hub network will be when it launches. The Hub will be a fun and transformative destination that brings kids and their families together by presenting clever stories and engaging characters.”

Hasbro, the nation’s No. 2 toymaker, closed on its deal to buy a 50 percent stake in the new joint venture in May for $300 million. “Hasbro is a company built on play, and Discovery was founded on curiosity,” said Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner. “The Hub will have the resources of both partners as it goes about re-imaging the future of children’s entertainment.”

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Discovery Channel: The World Is Just Awesome (Reprise)


The next verse in Discovery Channel’s anthem celebrating the world.

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Australia’s 7Two Launches

Australia’s Seven Network yesterday launched it’s eagerly anticipated new broad entertainment channel 7Two. The new 24-hour channel, buoyed by heavy US and UK programming titles promises “more drama, more lifestyle, more reality, more comedy, more movies.”, includes nabbing favorites Ugly Betty, Heroes, 24, and Lost.

Already the channel has enjoyed promotions on Seven ahead of its launch on Sunday with its politically-inspired “It’s Time” campaign song. Seven’s production & programming chief Tim Worner tips us in on a few secrets including a few red herrings, such as faked channel names 7PLUS, PLUS7, and Channel Mate, all of which included specially designed logos for the false channel monikers.

“When we sat down to work out the name of the channel 12 months ago, we were considering all these names. Red, Ruby, Bill, Dave, Tom, Dick, Harry,” he teases. “In the end we kept coming back to the power of that big, red 7 and the trust that’s been built in that brand over the last five years.”

The rest of the channel’s programming will include the “very best of British television”, themed nights including Action & Adventure, Lifestyle and Movies, and cooking programs from the likes of Jamie Oliver, as well as primetime episodes of The Jay Leno Show, five nights a week.


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First Look- Syfy “House of Imagination”

[clearspring_widget title=”SCI FI Wire Video – House of Imagination” wid=”48e10f5e9dbb50aa” pid=”4a4e4a1aca8da8d0″ width=”400″ height=”400″ domain=””]

Sorry for lack of postings in the last week. I have been flying between London, New York, and LA, and with it some not so fun travel fatigue. Nothing that some new work won’t cure. Celebrating Syfy’s unique spin on imagination, the 2 minute film features stars from Warehouse 13, Eureka, Ghost Hunters, Caprica, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, Destination Truth and ECW.

Michael Engleman, Vice President, Creative, Syfy, explains, “Coming off the most successful year in our 16-year history, we wanted to create a brand film that both celebrates the genre and also feels human, relatable, and wildly creative, highlighting the wide array of casts and character who inhabit Syfy’s ever broadening programming landscape. Through this unique creative collaboration, we’re honoring and embracing a powerful global brand with deep roots in the popular culture.”

Manhattan will be the hub of Syfy rebranding events. In addition to year-long free WyFy (yes, WyFy) at Union Square and Times Square, the network will construct an interactive Imagination Park at the north plaza of Rockefeller Center that will feature program-centric set pieces from July 7-12. The network also has signed on as a presenting sponsor of the Museum of Modern Art’s Tim Burton retrospective in November.

Prepare for the full launch of the new Syfy next week July 7.

Make sure to check back for new work, or simply click here for easy updates delivered straight to your email box.


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Google Chrome- Interactive Reaction

A few months ago- while last in LA, I had a chance to catch up with some old friends at IF. After working 10+ years in the Hollywood area, who knew I’d miss the area so much?

Peter Frankfurt and Chip Houghton were kind enough to let me preview their work for the Google Shorts Project, a short film answering the question: “What would the internet look like if represented as a 3-Dimensional object?”

Observed as if in a museum, the object comes to life revealing the ins and outs of what Google Chrome has to offer. Directed by Brian Mah, it is titled “Interactive Reaction”. Special thanks go to Danixa-

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