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Hallmark Channel “Celebrates Life’s Moments” with Rebrand


First look: Utilizing subtle and playful references to premiere programming in the idents (signature cheesecake for the Golden Girls, a white wispy feather for Touched By An Angel) Hallmark Channel’s 2010 Rebrand is guided by its mandate “Celebrating Life’s Moments”.

The color scheme is based on Hallmark’s Plum color, with variations on the theme for events like Red for Valentines Day, and other colors to match the programming IDs. The rebrand was developed by Imaginary Forces.

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The List: 40 Memorable Channel Branding Campaigns from 2009


2009 brought us a creative torrent of beautifully executed and masterfully architected channel branding campaigns. From our coverage of NBC’s “More Colorful Campaign” and UKTV’s overhaul of its 10 channel portfolio to talked about campaigns from SyFy, Discovery, and MTV, as an industry we responded to a challenging global economy crisis with creative grit and bullish business determination.

And as one of the few (if only) blogs dedicated purely to international TV & screen based branding, we look forward to continuing to bring you news in 2010 from the branding frontline, including (of course) the business perspectives behind them. We ask that you continue your invaluable feedback and contribution to the dialogue. Lastly, (after much encouragement) we are now finally on Facebook. If you like this blog, please support us by joining Art & Business of Motion on Facebook. You can of course still follow us on Twitter.

So as we say a last goodbye to 2009, here’s a conveniently indexed list of 40 memorable channel branding campaigns we covered for you from 2009. To all the folks that help make this happen, a huge thank you! – Denny

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CCTV: “Believe in the Power of the Brand”

I had meant to get this newest :60 spot (titled “Ink”) up last week when it was breaking news, but a busy schedule (and travel) has kept me from my proper blog curation duties. Thanks to the folks at CCTV for contacting me and sending it my way. Fortunately, several years of Mandarin lessons and regular Chinese practice with family members meant I could almost speak without a noticable accent. Okay, well maybe not.

You might find it surprising the amount of interest (based on searches) there is in the Asia/Australia channel branding market. Just a few years ago, chinese broadcast designers looked to the west/europe for trends and inspiration. Now we’re seeing a much healthier balance of creative exchange between continents.

The latest spot creating a bit of a stir from agency MMIA Beijing (which has a multiyear partnership with CCTV for advertising rights/creative output) is explained, “From invisible to visible, from boundaries to no boundaries. CCTV — Believe in the power of the brand”. The :60 spot brings together traditional elements fused with modern Chinese culture, including brushstroke calligraphy, images of dragons, fish, and bird, fluidic Tai Chi movement and the iconic Great Wall of China.

I will be keeping a close eye on how this campaign develops through the next several months, and of course- sharing it with all of you.

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Channel Nine Refreshes On-Air With “Welcome Home”

Breaking News: Australia’s Channel Nine unveiled its much anticipated new on-air identity last night at 6pm with a new campaign dubbed “Welcome Home”. The new presentation system is rolled out as Nine buffs up with a fresh programming slate and renewed confidence internally.

A look at the new launch promo:

In related news, the rumors that we were hearing were confirmed today with the announcement that rival Seven is launching its new (free to air digital) channel on November 22 to go head to head with Nine’s digital channel offering  Go, which launched on August 9, targeting 14 to 39-year-olds. Whether or not it cannibalizes the primary channel from Pay TV or it will grow overall numbers remains to be seen.


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First Glimpse: NBC 2009 Rebrand

Looks like a lot of people have been searching for info on the new look NBC has just unveiled on-air. I’m still in the UK but have been able to get some shots of the new package which infuses bursts of stunning color onto the iconic brand. Not surprisingly, we’ve come to find out that NBC is working with LA-based Capacity (who were also awarded and developed the 2006 NBC rebrand) to deliver the much applauded new rebrand. Just a few shots for now, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of the on-air campaign roll out over the next few weeks.


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RTÉ Two: The New Colorful Rebrand Unveiled

Breaking News: Last night at 7pm, RTÉ formally unveiled its latest channel refresh. The new RTÉ Two branding and on-screen package was developed by the in-house marketing and graphics team at RTÉ after a competitive review. The concept for the new campaign “took the form of evolutionary leaps and pictured various species of household insects adapting bizarrely clever routines as they interact with found objects that would be familiar to audience members”.

Updated 9/24/09: Added a few bits of reference video

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