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*Updated 11 Nov, 2011
Last added: Discovery World 2011 HD Idents

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Channel Branding Year in Review 2010
Channel Branding Year in Review 2009

7Two (Australia): 2009 Channel Launch
13th Street (Intl): 2010 Channel Rebrand
ABC (Australia): 2010 Integrated Brand Campaign “Enter”
ABC2 (Australia): 2011 Channel Rebrand
ABC3 (Australia): 2010 Channel Launch
Al Jazeera (Middle East): 2010 Channel Rebrand
Animal Planet (US): 2010 Campaign
Arte (Europe): 2011 Channel Rebrand
Australia Network (Australia): 2009 Channel Rebrand
BBC Alba (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
(UK): 2009 Christmas Idents
(UK): 2009 Channel Ident
(UK): 2009 Channel Launch
Bravo (US): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Bravo (UK): 2010 Channel Refresh
Cartoon Network (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Cartoon Network
(USA): 2010 Channel Rebrand / Full 2010 Rebrand Overview
CCTV (China): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Channel 4 (UK): 2010 Channel Refresh, 2010 Idents
Channel 4/T4 (UK): 2011 Idents
Channel 5 (UK): 2011 Channel Rebrand [1] , [2] , [3]
Channel Nine (Australia): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Chiller (USA): 2011 Channel Rebrand , Idents [2]
Comedy Central (UK): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Comedy Central (USA): 2010 Rebrand Exploration
Comedy Central (USA): 2011 Channel Rebrand
Cooking Channel (USA): 2010 Channel Launch [2]
Discovery Channel (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Discovery Channel (UK): 2011 Channel Refresh [1]
Discovery History (UK): 2010 Channel Launch
Discovery World HD (Asia): 2011 HD Idents
Disney Channel (Taiwan): 2009 Channel Idents
Diva Universal (Intl): 2010 Channel Launch
Eden (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
Eleven (Australia): 2011 Channel Launch
Eurosport (Europe): 2011 Channel Rebrand [1] , [2]
ESPN America (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
ESPN College Football (USA): 2010 Rebrand
ESPNU (USA): 2010 Channel Rebrand
Film1 (Europe): 2011 Channel Rebrand
Five (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
Five USA (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
FOX (Italy): 2009 Channel Idents
FOX Moviecity (Latin America): 2010 Channel Rebrand
Foxtel (Australia): 2011 On Demand Channel Launch
FX (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
GEM (Australia): 2010 Channel Launch
Good Food (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
Hallmark Channel (USA): 2010 Channel Rebrand
HBO Asia (Asia): 2010 Idents
HBO (Global): 2011 Idents , Dreamscape Campaign
HiHD (Taiwan)- 2009 Channel Launch
History (International)- 2010 Idents
Home (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
ITV (UK): 2009 Brand Campaign
ITV (UK): 2010 Holiday Idents
ITV1 (UK): 2010 Refresh
La7 (Italy): 2011 Channel Rebrand
Military Channel (USA): 2010 Channel Rebrand
MSNBC (USA): 2010 Campaign
MTV (Australia): 2009 Channel Idents / 2010 Channel Idents
MTV (International): 2009 Channel Idents / 2010 Channel Idents
MTV (Poland): 2010 Channel Idents
MTV Push: 2010 Channel Launch
MTV Rocks: 2010 Channel Idents
MTV Viva: 2011 Channel Rebrand
National Geographic Channel (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
Nat Geo Wild (UK): 2009 Channel Idents
Nat Geo Wild (US): 2010 Channel Launch
NBC (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Nickelodeon HD Logo Idents (UK): 2010 Channel Idents
Nickelodeon (Germany): 2009 Channel Idents
Nicktoons (USA): 2010 Channel Idents
Nitro (Spain): 2010 Channel Launch
One HD (Australia): 2009 Channel Launch
Ovation (USA): 2010 Channel Rebrand
OWN, Oprah Winfrey Network (USA): 2011 Channel Launch , Spot 1
PBS (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Really (UK): 2009 Channel Launch
RTE (Ireland): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Sci-Fi Movies (UK): 2009 Idents
Science (US): 2011 Channel Rebrand
Sky (UK): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Sky Atlantic (UK): 2011 Channel Launch
Sky Arts (UK): 2010 Idents
Star (India): 2011 HD Idents
Studio Universal (Global): 2010 Channel Launch
Syfy (USA): 2009 Channel Launch, 2010 Phase 2 Idents
Syfy Kids (USA): 2011 Idents
Telecine (Brazil): 2010 Channel Rebrand
TCM (USA): 2009 Channel Rebrand
The Hub (USA): 2010 Channel Launch
The Three (USA): 2010 Channel Launch
TRTE (Ireland): 2011 Channel Rebrand
TV1 (Australia): 2010 Channel Refresh
Universal Channel (Global): 2010 Channel Launch
Universal Networks (UK): 2010 Channel Launch
Virgin 1 (UK): 2009 Channel Rebrand
Watch (UK): 2010 Channel Rebrand
Yesterday (UK): 2009 Channel Launch