TeenNick Refreshes with “Best Time Ever”


Viacom/Nickelodeon owned US network TeenNick launched way back in April 2002. Originally known as “The N” (remember that hand logo?), the channel has grown successfully amongst heightened competition within the segment. Earlier this year, a 4-way creative/strategic pitch was held with London creative agency Proud Creative coming out on top.

TeenNick 2012

TeenNick 2012

The brief? Speak to the channel’s key demographic, broadly defined as Millennials, with a skew to female. Despite their ease with technology and multi-media spaces, Millennials are still teenagers, hovering (sometimes) awkwardly somewhere between adult and child.

It was emphasized that they should be characterised as much by their sophistication as their desire for play and fun. This is reflected by two sides of the audience with a modern, clean approach to onscreen graphics balanced by an optimistic energy in the live action spots (which were developed by Jack Laurance from Armoury London).

What we’re left with is a fresh and youthful take on the heartland of the demo, setting the table for the next stage of strategic growth for the channel. Enjoy.

TeenNick 2012

TeenNick 2012

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