Bravo 2009 Rebrand- Goodbye “Watch What Happens”

Update (1) June 24: Updated frames will be posted when available

Had another preview of the ambitious new Bravo (US) rebrand last week at Promax/BDA in NYC. On Tuesday 23 June, the tagline “Watch What Happens” will be replaced with “By Bravo”. The cabler is refreshing its brand with a complete on-air redesign. In an attempt to combat the erosion of brand association purely through its on-air channel identity, the new Bravo (with its pop inspired redesign), is focused on harnessing the power of its loyal viewership across every touch-point.

“The goal of this redesign is to give Bravo a fresh look that illustrates where our brand is going while staying true to our roots,” said Bravo Media’s GM and EVP Frances Berwick. “We’re reflecting the strength of our brand and communicating this to our audience by transforming the signature talk bubble logo from a television message, ‘Watch What Happens,’ to a position of curation and ownership, ‘By Bravo.’ ”

The “By Bravo” tagline will be used to brand the different genres of primetime series: “Food by Bravo” for “Top Chef,” “Competition by Bravo” for “The Fashion Show,” “Drama by Bravo” for “The Real Housewives” franchise, and “Funny by Bravo” for “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.”

The new look will be introduced by the launch of the new docu-series “NYC Prep”, which will take the TV merchandising/partnership model to a whole new level. For example, Bravo will be launching co-branded handbags with Kooba featured in “NYC Prep”. The bags, labeled “Kooba Exclusively for Fashion by Bravo,” will be sold for $595 at and , with other partnerships following in the fashion and food categories.

Does this mean I’ll finally get some Real Housewives Swarovski Martini glasses? Oh yes please.

The rebrand launches Tuesday, June 23.

For a sneak peek at the redesign, click here.



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3 responses to “Bravo 2009 Rebrand- Goodbye “Watch What Happens”

  1. To me, stylistically, it is a bit of “same-sies” on the first look, but it will be good to see how it plays out as an extension of the position over time. Credit-wise, it was Gretel who designed and produced it, correct?

  2. HunterL

    I have to agree with Connor. Am looking forward to seeing how the entire proposition plays out. The wallpaper-esque feel is nice, if not slightly ott.

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