A Peek at Cartoon Network’s 2010 Rebrand


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Just In: If you’re a fan of Ben 10, you might have noticed a bit of a change on Cartoon Network (US) this weekend.

*Update 5 August: Full overview of the new Cartoon Network 2010 Package here.

Cartoon Network 2010 Rebrand

As Cartoon Network adds more live action programming to its lineup, the channel has begun evolving the much praised rebrand Capacity helmed from 2009. Cartoon Network’s checkerboard design element has been retooled, and with it comes a newly refined logo.

Cartoon Network is referring to this latest image campaign as a “brand expansion”. It will extend across online/web properties, on-air, and outdoor. It officially launched (everywhere) May 29th.

*Note that this is a breaking story, so stay connected for more creative as well as credits as they become available.

In addition to the new on-air look, the net has added a new strapline to image spots: “CHECK it.”

Cartoon Network has also redesigned part of its offices. In addition, network staff were given black and white checkered Vans (shoes) this week to celebrate the new look.

The channel describes the new look, “We are embracing our brand’s visual heritage of the checkerboard, but imbuing it with new meaning. The checkerboard provides a thruline to connect Cartoon Network’s wide breadth of new content that continues to grow (animation and live-action). The new logo reflects this nod to the checkerboard as well.”



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6 responses to “A Peek at Cartoon Network’s 2010 Rebrand

  1. ItsWilder

    1985 meets 2010.

    If Capacity did the 2009 redesign, I’m curious to know who’s overseeing this “re-tool”?

  2. Carl

    I’m underwhelmed but a big fan of the previous package Capacity designed. On the plus side, I can see where they were trying to go with this.

  3. I think I had to recognize (unfortunately) that I’m not the target demo. Sadly, I’m not getting the Check It thing. Obviously, it has to do with the checkers, but is this some sort of normal street speak kids are already using?

    Man I feel old!

    Great summary of the package though-

  4. Well...

    It looks cool, but it feels cold. It doesn’t interact with the cartoon characters like some of the old looks did. It’s only marketing live-action on a cable network called Cartoon Network. I am impressed with the look, but not the way they are leaving out toons.

  5. Sam

    I agree with the above poster. Capacity’s redesign was colourful and ingenious, this is cool but as said above doesn’t interact with the characters as much as it should.

    I think the problem is that Cartoon Network is moving away from its core concept (cartoons), which is throwing everything else off. The toons aren’t as important to the network as it used to be.

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