A Thank You To Our Readers

Art & Business of Motion began with a simple goal, to spread a bit of happiness through the sharing of good international TV branding work. Since our launch 18 months ago, we have become a key resource for television channel marketers across the globe. You have invited us into your offices, told stories about the real world brand challenges you face, and shared your incredible work and the creative agencies you partner with.

I’m proud to say that we are and continue to be independent, subscription free, and advertiser free. I’m also happy to announce that we have some exciting new features slated for later this year, including a first of its kind Creative Agency Satisfaction Report, which will provide channel marketers valuable insight into the best of the best, not only with a nod to creative excellence but also delivery, satisfaction, and client experience.

If you are a brand marketing executive and would like to provide agency feedback or would like to be notified when the report is published, simply join our email list here.

And in case you’re wondering who joins you in reading this blog on a regular basis, here’s a few snippets from our traffic demographics. Noting that 100 index is the internet average, Art & Business of Motion attracts a higher than average index of graduates/post grads, folks making over $100k/year, and slightly more males than females. Our most popular audiences are based in London, Los Angeles, and New York. And for the record, I don’t entirely know how they collect this data but it is interesting nonetheless.

Art & Business of Motion Demographics

We have an amazing readership. Thank you for visiting on a daily basis. We are committed to continuing to bring you the best the international television branding community has to offer. And as always, if you’d like to reach out, just drop me a line.



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6 responses to “A Thank You To Our Readers

  1. Very nice update! I must say this is one of the few blogs I follow religiously. Thanks for keeping it no frills, to the point, and international. There is so much great work coming out of Europe and Australia/Asia that is underrepresented.

  2. Definitely interested in the creative satisfaction report. We are big fans of the blog here in the office. A few of those other blogs obsess about looking at everything from the creative agencies’ perspective. I for one, think you are onto something here.


  3. Melissa Sinclair

    Love the blog. Show more work from Australia! We have a few amazing networks here that can compete with creative from the US & UK!

  4. Sam

    Sadly most of Australia’s FTA channels aren’t too good with branding, the exception being Ten and SBS (ABC3 is quite good for its target audience though).
    ABC in general is completely inconsistent (ABC1’s current on-air branding is unattractive and amateurish) and Nine is okay but relies too much on 3D effects than creating a recognisable brand.

    Thanks for continuing to run this awesome blog, it’s a constant source of inspiration and one of the only blogs I check instantly when there’s a new post. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Martin

    UK channel design has seemed to have taken a back seat to the US “sizzle” approach for a few years, but has recently stepped out of the shadows with work that is being recognized worldwide.

    A few of the UKTV rebrands (though some were a major disappointment) as well as beautiful work from SKY and some of the niche networks have been very memorable.

    There is a fine line between stale design, safe design, and sharp creative. Putting all this great work in one place is one of the reasons I love your blog.

    Keep up the great work, really love reading this blog with the morning tea.

  6. a40

    Agree with all the rightfully deserved props from the posters above. Keeping the site focused on broadcast branding and TV design is vital. There’s plenty of sites out there that fully support the commercial apparatus.

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