A Peek at Discovery’s June 8 Science Channel Rebrand


Discovery Communications is quietly ramping up to its June 8 relaunch of the Science Channel to simply Science. The evolution comes off a record, highest-rated quarter ever in primetime for the network, across all key demographics- which is available in over 68 million homes.

Science New Logo: "Morph"

Discovery Communications says the aim is to be “the official home of the Thought Provacateur – the individual who is constantly asking “what if?” and “why not?”. Science Executive VP and GM Debbie Adler Myers explains, “We’re not changing the direction of the network, we’re just recruiting a bigger audience to sample the joys of Science.”

A cornerstone of the new on-air look and multi-platform brand campaign will be a new logo called “Morph”.  Expect to see the new mark featured in interstitials and new idents (previewed below). The aim? To be “television’s most dynamic and interactive logo”, while “representing the willingness to transform current reality”.

Myers adds, “Science is more than a channel – it’s a multifaceted, multiplatform community that captures a distinct zeitgeist within our culture. To reflect this, we’re officially dropping the “channel” from our network name”.

Whether it does that successfully with a very particular public remains to be seen. Incidentally, the sneak peak at “Morph” earlier includes a montage of new idents tentatively titled “Unknown”, “Unconventional”, “Unreal”, “Unexpected”, “Unseen”, “Unexplained”.

Click keep reading, for a quick little stroll down logo evolution lane.




2002-2007 Refresh


The 2002 The Science Channel rebrand was developed by Concrete Pictures, while the 2007- May 2011 identity created by Thornberg & Forester.

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One response to “A Peek at Discovery’s June 8 Science Channel Rebrand

  1. NeoSquirrel

    Ahh, this explains the mystery of the current logo threatening to burst–I suspected it was a logo change. I feared however it was going to be yet another of their networks converted to an Oprah failure machine.

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