Australia’s ABC2 Gets Vibrant New Look, Goes Pink & Lime Green


Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ABC2 is getting a bright new on-air identity. The new strapline “Always Brighter” aims to position the channel to “surprise, enthuse, and provoke“. After expanding its channel portfolio during the last few years, it now has four television channels, including ABC News 24, which recently had a very successful rebrand to positive reviews.

ABC2 2011 Rebrand "Always Brighter"

ABC2, which launched back in March 2005, broadcasts a range of original content from ABC1, as well as a strong drama lineup, interesting and eclectic documentaries, some off-the-wall comedies and a growing number of Australian productions. The new on-air package brief was to “tie together the promise of intelligent and distinctly colourful content that will appeal to all Aussie audiences.”

The new lime and pink design is a bold and brave step forward for the broadcaster, who has in the past been (in my opinion) a bit unfairly criticized for its branding decisions. ABC2 Controller Stuart Menzies further explains the new identity, saying “ABC2’s look needed to change to reflect what the channel offers – namely, a bright, sassy and thought-provoking mix of programming … all without taking ourselves too seriously.”



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3 responses to “Australia’s ABC2 Gets Vibrant New Look, Goes Pink & Lime Green

  1. Martin

    I have to say the choice in colour is refreshing. Though the continuity announcers voice in the last reference video is anything but bright and cheery.

    All to say- really enjoyed the recap. Be VERY interesting to see where they take the brand from here. Love the blog- big fans here, show more stuff from the USA!

  2. Wow. Why didn’t they rebrand it ‘ABC UK’?! British TV much?

    Nice though – I enjoy brands with ridiculously oversized characters with bold colours. The simpler the better!

  3. Big and simple seems to work here. Dunno about the paper aeroplanes, but the graphics do the job.

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