New Look for Crime and Suspense Channel ’13th Street’ Revealed


Universal Networks International has unveiled a new look for 13th Street, a crime and suspense channel “driven by the idea of anticipation”. The rebrand, designed by DixonBaxi, offers “an uncompromising world full of intrigue, unusual characters, places and moments that inspire unanswered questions inviting the viewer to create their own interpretations of the narrative.”

*Note this ‘not for broadcast montage’ was created as an internally used presentation of the channel package. The edit featuring a track by Gil Scott Heron captures the drama and intensity of the channel and its graphic language.

13th Street launched in France back in 1997, Germany in ’98, and Spain in 2007. The channel has since become number one in all 3 countries in the crime and suspense category. The OSP offers a strong visual language using a distinct palette living at the heart of the channel and brands the content. The package was supplied in French, German and Spanish with bespoke logos for each country.

Click keep reading to view 2 more new 13 Street Idents


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